When elected I intend to force change in Washington. We have become a party of none. Congress is an embarrassment to the people. It is time for all sides to work together or be replaced. The is no room left for partisan politics and both sides are guilty. I am running as an independent because I will owe no one my vote on bills. I have my own views but when elected I will be representing your views and concerns not mine. I will not be persuaded by corporations or lobbyists. I will stay true to the voters. 

In todays politics the discord is beyond belief. Republicans and Democrats can't find a way to work together. All they know is partisanship and they know the people pay the price for it. We have millions of children without insurance and Congress goes home for the holidays without fixing the problem. That is not acceptable. 

With your support we can change America one candidate at a time. 2018 is the year for change. I ask for your support to make this change a reality. It is a Republican stronghold on the 6th District but we can change that this year. Are you ready? I am. Let's get to work.

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January 6, 2018

Today we start with signatures for ballot access

Today I start the process of going all over the district to begin to collect signatures needed for ballot access. Today I will be in Lynchburg at Liberty University. Tomorrow in Staunton.

January 5, 2018

Campaign created!

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