I’m a product of Gwinnett County Public Schools: I attended Shiloh Elementary, Middle and High. When I left for college, I always planned to come back and have a positive impact in the community that gave me so many opportunities to succeed. I’m running for school board because I want to ensure that every student in the county is best served by the education we provide them.

For me, my parents and teachers made the difference in pushing me to excel. Through their support, I was able to graduate from Shiloh, Harvard College and Stanford University. After college, I chose to come home and teach math at KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School. Those years in the classroom showed me how much additional support teachers need in order to deliver high-quality instruction each day, and I think it is important that our Board has members with direct experience of teaching our students.

Overseeing a system that serves 180,000 students will be complex, and I believe that educating our students takes a village. My experience working with superintendents and academic chiefs across the country affirms that schools perform well when their parents and students are engaged as partners in the decision-making process. We should all know what is going on in our district and how the decisions that the Board makes will impact our students and their futures. I am committed to using relevant data to inform the decisions that we make on the board and to gathering and sharing information transparently and frequently.

Lastly, I’m excited for what this election could represent for our district. If elected, we would make history by electing the first person of color to the Board - a Board that serves a system where 3 out of 4 students are students of color. In order to make this happen, I need your support. Any contribution you can give will make a huge difference for our students. 

Thank you for considering. And, as always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts, suggestions and questions.

Yours in service,


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January 7, 2018

Campaign created!

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