Mark Bignell was born in 1979 in Sheridan Michigan, in Montcalm County. He was raised in the rural setting of the Village Palo, Michigan. Coming into adulthood, he quickly learned the value of honest hard work and providing for himself. Fiercely independent, Mark graduated from Ionia Public Schools in 1999, with The Scholarship Award and attended Baker College of Owosso,

Education was interrupted at Baker, when his mother fell into economic distress. Upon his return home, he took a leave from from his educational pursuits, to attend to his family's crisis. Which lead to experiencing first hand the difficulties that many experience across the country, homelessness. The winter of 2000/2001, he spent homeless, with his mother, sister, and brother, searching for economic relief and shelter that was finally provided in the spring of 2001 and the family was able to relocated to Stanton, Michigan.

After stabilizing his family through hard everyday work, in 2005, Mark decided to pursue his educational endeavors once again. While signing up for classes at Montcalm Community College (MCC) in Sidney Michigan, he met and got engaged to Marry his Wife, Melissa, who also had decided to attend MCC. They later married in 2006 and shortly after had their first child.

During his time at MCC, Mark earned an Associates Degree in Accounting; later transferring to Grand Valley State University. While at GVSU, he attended several business conferences, workshops, and sought internships. Also at this time, he fathered his second child and third child with his wife Melissa. In his final year of his bachelor's program, he was economically forced to withdraw; due to rising tuition, capped financial aid, and a loss of student family housing. It was then, he decided to rededicate himself to betterment and he sought training in the trades, by using a Michigan Works program—No Worker Left Behind, attending West Michigan CDL for logistics training.

Upon completing his education/training at West Michigan CDL, he was hired on at a Wisconsin trucking company—Roehl Transport. Then sought more local employment and currently works for Larsen Trucking. Mark thrived and felt a renewed sense of self and independence. However, after this final election, Mark realized something had changed in America.

This year stirred a longing to serve, and there was a feeling he must run for office in 2018. Being inspired by the words of his favorite speeches, he fully decided to seek the office. Mark realized there was a hunger, a starving in the people, for their voices to be heard. In this realization, he understood, despite his own humble beginnings, he must run. That he must call out the grievances of all common people, and give voice to the ignored.

This is our #bluecollarrevolution.

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January 8, 2018

Campaign created!

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