Our Party Left Us

When I started my campaign a month ago, I assumed I was a Republican because I am fiscally conservative and support the second amendment.  No Republican leader will return my call, however, and they've all got Trump's picture plastered on their websites.

I am: 

A fiscal conservative.

Who puts the middle class first.

I see Kremlin meddling as a real threat to our democracy.

I am pro small business and would love to reduce the crippling regulations that hurt small businesses.

I believe all leaders should treat each other decently.

 I am advocating for a website that will allow New York voters to see the legislation that our Congress will be voting on, comment on it and indicate their voting directive. I am advocating that if a super majority of residents want their representative to vote a certain way, that representative should be bound to follow their decision. This is a great way for us to take our power back from the politicians as they won't be able to have their votes influenced by donors and lobbyists. I am working with Gap Technologies, Inc. to have a beta version available of this concept completed by June that you can check it out. If you elect me I promise I will use this system and be bound by your decisions.

The last reason to vote for me is that I’ve lived in western New York my entire life.

There are several reasons why Chris Collins needs to be replaced.

In the last year alone, Collins made national news because he doesn’t  hold town hall meetings to hear his constituents concerns.  

He has also accused by the Office of Congressional Ethics last year of using his office to do insider trading insider trading in the stock market. 

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January 9, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!