Our Party Left Us

When I started my campaign a month ago, I assumed I was a Republican because I am fiscally conservative and support the second amendment.  No Republican leader will return my call, however, and they've all got Trump's picture plastered on their websites.

I am: 

A fiscal conservative.

Who puts the middle class first.

I see Kremlin meddling as a real threat to our democracy.

I am pro small business and would love to reduce the crippling regulations that hurt small businesses.

I believe all leaders should treat each other decently.

I have decided to run against Chris Collins because I believe that you can completely evaluate Chris Collin’s decision making ability by evaluating the person he endorses, Donald Trump.  Anyone reading Donald Trump’s tweets would know that they wouldn’t want him as a boss, a business partner or marrying your daughter.  In addition, aides are leaving the White House faster than any other administration, which is never a good sign.  Like a head coach who sticks by a losing quarterback, Collins needs to be replaced.

I do trust Facebook, Twitter, the NSA, CIA and the FBI when they say that Kremlin operatives did try to influence the election. This terrifies me.  One wonders if Collins knew about Trump's dealing with the Russians before he became Trump's first congressional supporter, and why Collins isn't aggressively trying to make sure Russia does not meddle in our next election.

Collins also didn’t demonstrate Christian Values on the last affordable health care vote.  He voted to repeal Obamacare and not replace it.  To fix Obamacare is a great thing, to destroy it without replacement shows he is completely out of touch with what the middle class needs. 

Collins stated that it was his donors, not his constituents he listened to when he voted to pass the tax plan. Many people who have studied the tax plan say that New Yorkers will be really hurt by the tax plan, and when the middle class tax cuts phase out almost everyone in the United States earning less than $75,000 a year would be worse off. If it is not checked quickly it will have damaging effects on our friends and families.   If Congress was really looking to help the middle class as they say they were trying to do, they would have made the middle class tax cuts permanent and had an 8 year phase out on the ultra wealthy tax cuts, not vice versa.  

In the last year alone, Collins made national news because he doesn’t  hold town hall meetings to hear his constituents concerns.  

He has also accused by the Office of Congressional Ethics last year of using his office to do insider trading insider trading in the stock market. 

There are plenty of reasons to vote for me.  I started a technology company 15 years ago in Western New York.  We’ve never had debt or investors and have had strong growth.  That means that I’ve had 15 years of training in balancing a budget.   I know firsthand how difficult it is for employees to pay for health insurance and businesses to thrive with NY and government regulations. 

Secondly, I believe heavily in charity as well as living life fully and in the service of others.  For example, the company I created helped adopt 86,000 acres of land through the National Wildlife Federation and created a win-win for farmers while protecting our beautiful America. 

Third, I would stand up to any party who would expand our deficit and will put in tax cuts or regulations which will hurt the middle class. 

Fourth I am a big believer in a person’s right to defend themselves.    Peace Through Strength.

The last reason to vote for me is that I’ve lived in western New York my entire life.

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January 9, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!