I have decided to run for President, United States, 2020, because I believe it's and American thing to use TECHNOLOGY, an energized middle class and small businesses to move the country forward from where we are as at now. 

I am not happy to see a democratic system set up for the good of all Americans - regardless of race, color and gender, being turn into a gerontocracy.  Too many old people running the country as if civil war happened yesterday.  And the few young faces in Congress thinks what was "good enough" for GrandPa works the best and should still be adequate for this time and age. 

I am far from being delighted with elected officials - at both county and congressional levels, behaving and parading themselves as if brokers for special interest groups, rather than being accountable to the general public.

I look at the way the office of the President of the United States is being used to side step the Constitution, the Bills of Rights - especially the role of the President and the general welfare of all that resides in and within our borders, and i asks myself how could the executive allow his office to be used as a tool for stripping us off our inalienable rights? 

I am not happy with the current atmosphere of blatant disregard for technology, science, global warming, lack luster disaster response and denial of basic human right for all Americans.  How can we be a first world if we can't provide a universal healthcare coverage for our citizens?  How can we claim to be first among nations if we can't waive tax on essential things our daughters, our women needed the for their up keep and well being?   

I am convinced if we go back in time - strengthen our middle class, provide more for small businesses, give credits to local innovators, distributors and suppliers, we could easily grow into an economic power house of this millennium, and our young ones won't have to go fight a war for an ally, so we could barely sustain our economy. 

We have been providing the best for others, whilst back home our water, drainage, sewage and transportation system is still the same as what was before an after the first world war.

My name is Abbey Laurel-Smith, a New Yorker, and artist, a tech enthusiast and a military brat.  I have lived all over the world and have seen America - inside out from abroad.  As President, i will not talk, "change", I will be the change.  That's why i said, "put me in CHARGE! And watch me ReBuildUSAtoday! 

You have the power to ReBuildUSAtoday!  Become a sponsor.  Join me, volunteer and offer support to my new political party (The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America) and let's ReBuildUSAtoday!

The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America is also known as "La Alianza De Peregrinos de los Estados Unidos" by our supporters in Latino communities across the United States.

I thank you very much in anticipation of your help and support.

Please note: Whatever support you are able to give to my campaign will help employ young Americans and high schoolers to learn about our political process, and become involved in it by knocking on doors (nationwide) to help this campaign grow. 

My regards.

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January 9, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!