I grew up in California and I’ve seen it on a steady decline in my lifetime—we used to have a great educational system, very affordable housing, and lots of jobs.  This was before trickle-down economics, deregulation, corporate welfare, and government austerity began to ruin our great state.  I am running because I want some economic and social justice for the common person and to reclaim the State of California for We the People. 

Currently, corporations are running our entire lives for the benefit of billionaires at the expense of the rest of us.  Because of corporate so-called  “personhood” and money as protected “speech,” corporations not only buy influence and elections, they have captured our regulatory agencies, dictate our energy policy, control our media and our food supply, have privatized our healthcare, education, and prisons, and get us involved in endless wars for profit.  This needs to end.  We the People need to take back our state for the 99% and make it a friendly, clean, healthy, prosperous place for people, not faceless corporations who pollute, profiteer, and plunder with impunity.

We can create a California that offers universal healthcare, tuition-free state colleges and universities, affordable housing, holds big polluters accountable, end the theft of our precious water, ban the destructive practice of fracking, municipalize our utilities and convert to clean energy, build a rail system that serves the whole state, provide high-speed Internet for every community, and rebuild our infrastructure, creating thousands of jobs in the process.

We can do this by making large corporations pay their fair share of taxes, by eliminating corporate welfare, closing the commercial property tax loophole, by passing Single Payer healthcare which removes the corporate middlemen--insurance companies and pharmaceuticals--from healthcare, incentivizing worker-owned enterprises, creating a state bank to offer low-cost loans, by changing the regressive tax policies that put the burden on small businesses, the middle class, and the poor and substituting a graduated, progressive tax rate, taxing natural resource extraction and use, as well as waste and pollution, creating a carbon tax on fossil fuels, instituting True Cost Pricing (TCP) for goods and services, and by making companies pay royalties for the use of California’s natural resources—timber, oil, minerals, and water.  This would reverse years of governmental austerity and replace it with prosperity for the people of the great state of California! 

You can help create a clean, Green prosperous California by donating to my campaign—we Greens don’t take money from corporations, Wall Street, or do the bidding of billionaires, so we rely on donations from regular people.  You can also help me by endorsing me, volunteering some time, and spreading the word for my campaign. Help me reclaim California for We the People!

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January 9, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!

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