Zellie has been building a future that works for all of us, not just the few on top. His work began as an educator and then as a community organizer. Now, he’s ready to fight for our children and community by serving on the City Council.

Residents of Paterson deserve access to living wage jobs, affordable housing & quality education. 

They deserve safety. 

Join me and together we can make it all possible.

Be a part our people powered movement. We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for.

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    “I’ve followed his movement for some time now, he’s mission, data, and analytically driven and this is just the beginning of his political journey!”

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    “I’m supporting Zellie because he in unapologetic about the needs of marganalized communities!”

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    “Zellie is the change we need to see.”

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    “He spreads awareness, is active in his campaign, and is informed on what he preaches and practices.”

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    “I support Zellie Thomas because he has been of service to youth in the NJ community!”

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    “We need more educators and people who are connected to their communities through love in power! I support your care for the people through your campaign.”

March 3, 2018

Wakanda Forever

Last weekend, nearly 100 Paterson students and their families traveled to Wakanada on Monday, courtesy of Paterson City Council candidate, teacher, and local activist Zellie Thomas.

This endeavor couldn't have been possible without the financial support of our sponsors and financial contributors. 

We intend to host more events that will benefit the well being of the community and its residents. 

Please continue to donate. Every small contribution matters for us to reach our $10,000 goal.


January 24, 2018

We came out the Gate Strong

I'm excited see how folks have been rallying behind me since i've announced my run for the City Council At Large seat in Paterson. Its nothing short of inspiring. 

I'm a believer. I believe in people. I believe in community. I believe in our desire to live and work in safe and healthy neighborhoods. I know though that many long since stopped believing because of empty or broken promises. My work and campaign is not about restoring faith in this broken system, but faith in us working together to create a system that works for all of us.

We are the leaders we've been waiting for. The city needs our voice. I am just the megaphone.

Please read and share these great articles about our announcement. We hope that you will be filled with the same excitement reading them, as we were!




Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!