Did you know that ballot access fees are the highest in Arkansas than anywhere else in the United States? 

And ... it's not even close. 

For an independent Republican like Robb, a candidate who will put people ahead of party, to even get on the ballot, he has to pay $15,000 by March 1.

Fees like these are how the party establishments keep regular people from running for office and themselves in power. Fees like these are just another example of why we've got to get money out of politics by electing regular people like Robb.

Robb isn't taking any corporate donations. That's why he needs your help to get on the ballot and win. 

When he's in Congress, Robb will fight for things like:

  • Medicare for All
  • Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes
  • Tax Cuts for the Middle and Working Class
  • Liberty and Opportunity for All People
  • Green Energy Economy
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Investment in Infrastructure

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    “Because Robb will help implement policies consistent with our beliefs! He is infiltrating those Repuklicans!”

February 23, 2018

Holy cow! Only $1464 left to go!

I am truly humbled. Between contributions made here, and offline donations from my supporters across Arkansas, we've raised an unbelievable $13,536 in a few short weeks. We have just under $1500 to go before March 1st and we will be ON THE BALLOT.

This is our chance to break the mold of traditional politics. I'm not like other Republicans running, as you may have noticed. If we can take out Steve Womack in the primary, Paul Ryan loses a reliable ally.

You can count on me to challenge conventional wisdom in Washington. And because I'm working with Brand New Congress, I'm part of a coalition of candidates across the nation united behind ONE vision for America. A bright future with an economy that works for every single American, with responsible stewardship of our natural resources, and a dignified standard of living for working families.

It's time to take America out of the clutches of the establishment and restore power to the people, where it rightfully belongs.

Help me cross the finish line. You've already contributed generously to my campaign, and I am thankful. If you can afford to chip in a little more today we will secure our place on the ballot and BEAT Womack in the May primary.

If you can't give today, I understand. Would you share this campaign with your friends and family and tell them why it's important to you to support independent, progressive candidates no matter their party affiliation?

Thank you thank you thank you for standing by me. Together, we are going to change the way Washington works for the working people of this country.

Working for you,

Robb Ryerse

Candidate for Congress, Arkansas's 3rd District

January 16, 2018

Campaign created!

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