As a loyal union member for over 45 years, twenty years as a professional firefighter with the Louisville Fire Department, I understand  how unions improve the quality of life for working families. 

As a First Responder, I’m ready to take action and address the urgent needs of the district.  The incumbent’s record on labor is embarrassing. Working for you, I would work to repeal right to work laws and expand labor rights.  I STAND WITH LABOR!

For far too long, district needs have been ignored and placed on the back burner. The incumbent supports the Governor’s budget; it’s a slap in the face of educators everywhere.  

Rather than uphold the promise of a fully funded pension with healthcare, the Governor wants to break that promise and balance the budget on the backs of teachers and the education system. This is totally unacceptable.  As an ECE Instructional Assistant, I STAND WITH TEACHERS!

We need all hands on deck to unseat the incumbent!  I’m committed to doing the work necessary to win and I need your help to make this campaign successful.  Donate to the campaign and volunteer to flip District 29. New leadership is the response needed. SEND RONEL BROWN, FIRST RESPONDER, READY TO SERVE!

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January 21, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!