I am a NC native, husband, and father looking to make a difference here in Craven County. Our district needs fresh, practical ideas to address the problems all too common in smaller communities. I need your help to do everything possible to create and keep opportunities available for the families of West Craven.

I am originally from Durham, NC and when my wife and I decided to start a family after completing graduate degrees at East Carolina University, we came to Craven County where our children could grow up in a tight-knit community with plenty of open space to dream big. 

I believe our smaller communities need help though when it comes to the loss of young people to educational and professional opportunities away from home. I also believe that these same communities, with concentrated effort and innovation, can become places where all of our residents can find well paying jobs, send their kids to excellent quality public schools, and discover plenty of ways to enjoy all that is great about their home. 

We aren't the only people looking to solve these issues and there are solutions working every day across the country. There are countless ways to revitalize communities by encouraging small business growth, creating community-wide broadband access, investing in green energy, providing quality nutrition and healthcare, to developing public green spaces and organizing community events. As the next County Commissioner for District 1, I will work tirelessly to improve the lives of Craven County residents and visitors to our community. I love Craven County and that's why I want to do all I can to make it even better; for me and my kids and for you and yours.

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January 23, 2018

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