My name is Shauna McNally and I am running to be the Democratic nominee for State Representative for the Michigan 55th State House District because our future has been sold out to corporate interests and insider politicians. 

I am going to take our future back!   I have a plan and I will fight for it and fight for you every day in Lansing.

Because I will not accept corporate donations, our campaign must be completely People Powered.  That means you must pledge anything you can so that together we can make changes that benefit the people!

Single Payer Healthcare

I will fight for single payer “Medicare for All” healthcare legislation in Lansing because I believe health care is a right and no one should go bankrupt or die because they can’t afford their medical bills.

As a trained physician, I clearly recognize that the insurance companies have hijacked our healthcare system.  Insurance is still too expensive for all but the richest families, and it is draining our savings and our economy.  Many establishment politicians, including my opponent, accept money from big insurance companies, but I will not! 

Universal Family Care

I will fight for legislation called Universal Family Care to provide financial support for caregivers of children, disabled and elderly relatives so working and middle class families can thrive.

As a working single mother, I know how hard it is to afford childcare.  We also are facing a crisis of elder care, as most Americans do not have any money saved for retirement.  Like many, I will soon be responsible for caring for both my children and my parents. 

Ending Inequality in our Schools

I will fight for better schools for all of Michigan's children.  This begins with ending unfair disciplinary practices and continues with new public-private partnerships to create vocational, technical education in our public schools.  There are tens of thousands of good paying skilled labor jobs left vacant or filled by non-Michiganders.  We can change this while also promoting equal opportunity for all of Michigan's children.

As a parent of two children at Lincoln High School and someone who works in our public schools, I have seen first hand how unequal our public school system can be.  In wealthy areas, schools thrive and send children to colleges and universities.  In lower income areas, schools have become “school to prison pipelines” that do not lead to success.  I will work to create school to success pipelines for all students.

Environmental Justice and Green Jobs

I will work to create good paying union jobs in green infrastructure and I will fight for a renewable energy jobs program in Michigan!

I will fight to put a stop to the construction of unsafe oil pipelines through our lakes, rivers, parks, and back yards.  These  pipelines are dangerous, and they are usually built through lower income areas, which is unfair, or they run near our schools.  They threaten our water and Native Lands.  Our environment, health and safety is more important than corporate profit!

Please pledge what you can today to our campaign.  I in turn pledge to represent you, the people, in Lansing.

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    “Shauna is a strong woman, a mother, and a true progressive.”

March 28, 2018

We are moving along, thanks to all of you who believe in me!

We have made a lot of progress since I first started this journey! 

  • I now have a steering committee that is helping to guide some my campaign efforts.  
  • We completed a solid, strategic plan for building awareness and communicating my position to voters!  
  • We've updated the website and designed it to provide an avenue for contribution, volunteering, and event participation.  
  • And, we've designed our literature for canvasing and mailers.  

These efforts are only possible, because of all of you who believed in my vision from the begining.   However, the fight isn't over.  My opponent is funded by corporate donors; While I have chosen to run a people-powered campaign, without the aid of dark money.  I want to be able to represent the people voices in Lansing, without coporate influence!  I'm hoping I can count on you to act as ambassadors for my campaign.  I'm asking that you

  • Follow my facebook page, endorse me on facebook, and share the content that is posted.
  • Speak with your friends and family, let them know that you support me, and encourage them to support my candidacy.
  • Consider hosting a small fundraiser event, in your home.

I look forward to continuing this journey, with your support.  We need to create a better Michigan for families and our future. 


Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!