My whole life I have been standing up for others. From defending grade school friends on the playground when I was a little girl to lobbying nationally for children in our Child Advocacy Centers as an adult, I have always been a strong and passionate voice for others. It is second nature to me. I’ve always believed that we have to look out for and protect one another.

I recently found myself at the center of a national controversy surrounding the Miss America Organization. It was a painful experience, but it taught me a lot about the power of my voice. By telling my story, by petitioning for change, and by demanding resolution, I ignited a spark that fueled women – AND men – across this country to stand up, speak out, and believe that when people share their stories, positive change can occur. I told my story. It was difficult, but it sparked meaningful change. This experience transformed me.

I want to represent the people of this state because I want to be a voice for Alabamians that is clear and strong. I want to be a voice that sparks positive change. 

Today, the citizens of the third Congressional district of Alabama face many challenges. For instance, the once thriving city of Anniston has been transformed by the closure of Fort McClellan. In Talladega—home to the largest racetrack on the NASCAR cup circuit— roughly 31 percent of its residents live below the poverty level.  And Alexander City, once the home of Russell Athletic, is now challenged by the loss of 6,500 jobs since 2012.  

Even the most prosperous parts of the district face serious challenges. In Auburn—where 28,000 students reside in a town known as the loveliest village on the plains— almost 50 percent of all single mothers struggle financially to care for their children. And although my hometown Opelika has overcome significant economic and social challenges in recent years, today less than 34 percent of its K-12 students are proficient in reading. 

These are only a few of the difficult stories you will hear in communities throughout this district. From Beauregard to Sylacauga, from Loachapoka to Jackson’s Gap, Alabamians who live in District 3 have one important thing in common, they are all survivors, and their struggles have become all too common. Politicians in this area are more concerned with special interests than representing the people of District 3. For the past 16 years, the constituents of this district have been ignored, deceived, and, at times, belittled. This is not leadership. 

We deserve better. 

I want to fight for the future of Alabamians. In the coming months I will take every opportunity to get to know the citizens of our district, listen to their concerns, and focus on improving the circumstances and institutions that surround their lives. I promise to be your voice for better education, for quality jobs, for fair wages, for access to affordable healthcare, for environmental sustainability, and for gender parity.

I believe the people in Alabama District 3 deserve a strong advocate who will put their actual needs ahead of partisan rhetoric— I am that person.

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    “Mallory, keep on fighting for the great state of Alabama! We got your back :)”

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    “I support Mallory Hagan because we need new, clear-eyed, morally present leadership in our district.”

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    “I support Mallory Hagan because she is the voice of today's woman. She has the requisite intelligence and heart to support the people of her district in a way that will make real differences in their lives for the better.”

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    “I endorse Mallory Hagan because Alabama deserves better than what the Republican party has put forth. We not only deserve better, we demand better.”

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    “I support Mallory Hagan because she views Congress as a place to fight for her district and its constituents and she cares about the well-being of others.”

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    “Mallory is the kind of person that will stand up for what is right, no matter what! She's a self-motivated, brilliant strong woman and will be a congresswoman that all Alabamians can rally behind. Go Mallory Go!”

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    “Her vision and energy is what Alabama needs.”

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    “Because of her vision”

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    “I support Mallory Hagan for House because she is a intelligent and strong woman who will be an outstanding voice for her home state of Alabama in Congress.”

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    “Mallory is a strong women who only wants the best for others and believes that Alabama deserves someone to fight for them even when the odds are against her because this is a conservative state ... she speaks up for all of us and she will listen to everyone to make the changes needed!! I strongly support her !!!”

February 6, 2018

It's Official! We're Off and Running.

It's official!

During a press conference this morning at my mother's small business in Opelika, Alabama, I officially announced my candidacy for U.S. House of Representatives in Congressional District 3.

It has been an exciting day, but I could not have done it without your help! Thank you for pledging to contribute to the "Mallory Hagan for Congress" Campaign. Please know that your pledge will now become a verified donation. If you have any concerns regarding your pledge amount, please contact Robert Campeau directly at

Now the real work begins.

Reaching nearly $15,000 in 8 days is a great place to start, but this campaign has big goals for the coming months. I will be spending the next hours, days, weeks and months on the phone, but I am also looking for people to commit to raising substantial dollars through their personal networks, too. We need to put cash on the board fast. Remember: this isn't just about Alabama politics. Having another vocal, intelligent woman who wants to fight for term limits, better education, job creation and affordable healthcare in the House of Representatives will positively impact us nationwide.

If you are interested in helping or want more information, please email me at 

Lastly, if you are local to the District, please join us for a "Campaign Kickoff" party on February 9, 2018 at Amsterdam Café in Auburn, Alabama. From 6-9 pm, guests are invited to meet me and enjoy passed hors d'oeuvres. I hope to see you there! 

In the meantime, thank you for being a part of this exciting update. I look forward to many more to come!

-Mallory Hagan

Candidate, U.S. House of Representatives

Alabama District 3

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!