MEET RUSSELL LAMBERT II, U S Marine Corps Veteran / Businessman

I am a lifelong resident of Southern California.  I live and work in Orange County.  My organizational and leadership skills are traits acquired from my active service in the U S Marines.  My morals and character traits were inherited from my family, special thanks goes out to my mother and father.  My educational background started at a very young age, and continues to this day. I have military skills, a college background, a mortgage banking background, an honors certificate in administration of justice, law enforcement experience, I currently operate as an Identity Theft/Credit Fraud Investigator, and I volunteer my time as an Auxiliarist with the U S Coast Guard.  I have the voice, guts, training, knowledge and experience to be District 46’s representative on the hill.  I want to be your Congressman.   

Now more than ever, we need a strong voice in Washington fighting for all of us.  The catastrophic policies of the past Democratic Administration and Congress have weakened our nation, by eroding economic opportunities and family values for Orange County residence and the rest of the U S.  I am frustrated by Rep Correa’s inability to conduct himself in an responsible manner to the people of the 46th, district.  "I can’t sit on the sidelines any longer.”

Excessive regulations and frivolous compliance policies created by past governmental administrations and agencies have held back individuals and small businesses seeking to grow.  The Democratic policy of “tax high” and “increase government spending” is ridiculous.  There needs to be a balance. 


D.A.C.A. and Dreamer issues needs to be addressed. a path to citizenship needs to be created into law. We cannot break up law abiding families.

The Wall issue needs to be addressed, we have to secure our borders.

Less Governmental Regulations, so business can flourish and workers can prosper.  More "Take Home" pay, means more family spending.  You choose where your money goes.  Frank-Dodd needs to be addressed.

Clean Air, so our youth will have a tomorrow to raise their children in.

Lower Taxation for all, excessive taxation and wasteful spending is seriously harming Orange County.

Less Government: Our government is too big, more production could be achieved with the same "on hand" assets and more accountability by officials.

Healthcare should be a constitutional choice, not forced upon us by Democrats.  Healthcare competition needs to be expanded to bring prices down.

Jobs, equal pay for equal work, no matter what gender, race or nationality. 

Education, it should not be nationalized, each state should determine what is right for its citizens.

These are a few of my stances. I AM ALWAYS OPEN FOR DEBATE.

I'am an open minded and reasonable person, with common scene.

Vote for me: Russell Lambert, 46th District, Congress 2018

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January 25, 2018

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