It's time to reassert community control over our government - I’m starting with my hometown! 

Sadly, big money is corrupting every level of American politics. How can voters be certain that our City Council is doing what is best for our community if they are also taking money from special interests? This dilemma is the reason why I am firmly pledging to refuse moneyed interests seeking influence at City Hall and also why I am fighting to change the system in Cupertino.

I come from a generation of "Cupertinians" who, having been born and raised in this great city to immigrant parents, wonder whether they can afford to live here long-term. I'm running for Cupertino City Council to make it easier for young professionals, like myself, to start their families here just as my parents' generation did, and to protect families who’ve lived in Cupertino for years from being forced to move away due to rising housing prices and rent increases.

My work as a Legislative Advisor in City Government and a Grassroots Organizer provides me with a deep understanding of the challenges we face as a City and the tools to address them effectively. As your Councilwoman, I'll fight to provide people of all income levels, such as teachers, public service employees, and working-class families, with the same opportunities I was given - to live and thrive in Cupertino and contribute to its vibrancy. I'll fight for you!

How I'll help:


Work with our neighboring communities to mitigate traffic through regional solutions and finally bring a viable public transit option to Cupertino

Bring a free city-wide community shuttle to Cupertino through a Transportation Management Association (TMA)

Champion strategies that relieve intense traffic congestion and attract patrons to our local businesses


Champion a walkable, bike-able, transit-accessible Cupertino with community-sized zoning that minimizes traffic congestion and other impacts on neighbors, schools, and small businesses

Ensure that our City Council takes a stronger role in financing the construction of affordable housing and requiring an equitable level of community benefits from for-profit developers.

Protect our renter population from discriminatory behavior and unjust evictions while ensuring that our small property owners can remain in our community 


Support Community Choice Energy that incentivizes residents and businesses to switch to 100% renewable, carbon-free energy  

Reduce emissions and pollution from the Lehigh Cement Plant by holding it to higher environmental standards in coordination with Bay Area Air Quality Management District and other agencies

Incentivize the highest green buildings standards so that construction and operation have limited impacts on our natural environment

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!