I am a proud resident of North Carolina and lover of change.

I have been interested in better education since the 5th grade. It was then I experienced for myself how unproductive our current state of education can be. I had a teacher force students with learning impairments to read out loud to the class. This only served to deter students from exploring the endless benefits of education.

Over the many years I continuously turned my mind to ways in which we as a State can reform the system so that it works of all students, no matter their economic, racial, or cultural background.

In 2015 I participated in the XQ Super School Challenge. It was this experience that allowed me to solidify my ideas on how best to revamp our students; both within the classroom and within the administrative offices.

Since then I have asked myself how I can get involved. I made friend in the alternative education world to see if my thoughts could enhance the great work they are doing, and if their real world application could refine my thoughts.

NOW, I believe, is the time to take all that I have learned, discussed, and verified to the State level. NOW is the time to put these bold ideas into action so that all North Carolina students can benefit from them. NOW is the time to prepare ourselves for life and the economy of the future.

If your share my Vision for a stronger education systems, one that enables the capabilities within each and every one of us, then please contribute so that we can make our Vision a reality.


Beyond education, I pride myself on my Progressive platform. I will always vote with the wellbeing of my constituents, the economy, and the environment in mind.


I believe everyone deserve to live a happy and healthy life. I support any legislation which promotes access to healthcare. We must acknowledge when the market needs help providing for the people. At those moments it is appropriate to engineer a system that works for everyone. Medicare for all is such a system.


It is a myth that Republicans are the Party of business. In fact, it is the Liberal-Progressive sensibility that leads to the best business outcomes. Look at Silicon Valley. Treating your people well, ensuring that have adequate compensation, and engaging their passions is what leads to a great organization, and thereby a great economy.


This is the greatest challenge we face as a global civilization. Our environment is in a death rattle. Without swift and overwhelming intervention, we will lose ourselves. Ensuring string environmental protections will stave-off this disaster, and have the added benefit of opening up new markets for our future economy. Technology platforms which provide energy choice to citizens will give us the power to convert our grid to green power, and secure a space of entrepreneurship.

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February 12, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!