Hello my name is Lizzetta McConnell, and I am a Democrat running for Congress in Alabama’s 1st District. Alabama 1st Congressional District is perceived to be a conservative district, however it's the people's district and that is why I am running to replace Congressman Bradley Byrne. 

As a candidate and citizen, I am concerned about the welfare of our district and the lives of our everyday working class and poor citizens. It troubles me to know that we have a representative in Washington that cares only about a select few in the district, rather than all of the citizens in the district. It don't have to be this way, that is why I am running for Congress. 

As your next Congresswoman, I will fight for affordable healthcare, defend our public education system,  stand up for environmental protections, fight for higher minimum wage, stand up for Women Rights, Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, seek to end loose gun loopholes, fight to protect medicare, and food stamps for the poor and unemployed. When I am elected I will hold Washington accountable. 

This campaign is about the people and their interest. I have not just started working for the people, as Mobile County NAACP President I fought for the people, and against what was wrong. I stood up to then Sen. Jeff Sessions on behalf of the people. I know what it takes to be outspoken and a advocate for everyday people. As Chairwoman of WIN, I fight and advocate for women rights. 

I am a big underdog in this race for congress, and it's not about me the candidate, it's about you the people of the 1st Congressional District of Alabama. In this election it's going to take grassroots efforts, and together we can win! 


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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!