Hello, I’m Kallen Peret, and I’m seeking the Democratic nomination for Arkansas House District 24. Living in Hot Springs for the past seventeen years, I know the beauties and hardships of the economic and political atmosphere of district 24.  My husband, a veteran marine, and I are thrilled to raise our wonderfully curious 4-year-old daughter in our hometown.

I will bring accountability and transparency back to AR and ensure our government works for those of us in the 99%. We can do better than giving away our schools to unqualified for-profit entities. With a few changes to our tax code, we can afford to fully staff our agency departments, so that we are getting the services we are already paying. We could then also address the necessary infrastructure maintenance and repair. I will promote community and economic development with 21st century public schools and fair tax reform.  Our children are the future, and they deserve the BEST possible education regardless of where they live. That is why I won’t stop until our public schools are properly funded and safe from privatization.

I have a BA in Organizational Leadership/Economics from the University of Arkansas, and a MBA in Digital Innovation/Information Systems from Pepperdine University where I was honored to be a Global Leader Scholar.   

Working at a startup technology company in Malvern, Arkansas, I use the scientific method to analyze data and identify actionable insights supporting sustainable growth. Our state government can do the same for our economy. My diverse background has prepared me to navigate complex situations and understand what our children need for a 21st-century education. It is my honor to have this opportunity to give back to this great community through public service.

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    “It is high time we put smart, dynamic, and energetic young people who will represent the interests of our children and families in the state legislature.”

February 24, 2018

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