Do you believe that all of the children in Arkansas deserve access to a GREAT free public school education? I do. I was fortunate to receive a quality education in Lakeside School District, but throughout Arkansas public school children are suffering from a number of real threats: cyber bullying, limited resources, underpaid and over-extended teachers, guns in the school, privatization that increases inequality, overwhelmed school counselors, and more. All of these things are causing our children to suffer.

  • Arkansas is ranked 44th in high school diplomas and 49th in bachelor’s degrees.

  • 37% of Arkansas third graders are below grade level in reading.

  • 42% of college freshmen need remedial courses

That’s not good enough for the children of Arkansas, and I intend to do something about it. That is why I am running for office.

As your AR Representative for District 24 I will fight for our community, our students and our future. But I need your financial support to do it.

The children of Arkansas will “win” if you can donate $500 to support my candidacy in ensuring the people of Arkansas are priority number one, but any amount you can contribute to my campaign will help and is deeply appreciated.

Help me turn District 24 blue.

Thank you!

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    “I endorse Kallen Peret because she’s the passionate, hard-working and honest-natured representation Hot Springs needs fighting for what is best for all of us.”

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    “It is high time we put smart, dynamic, and energetic young people who will represent the interests of our children and families in the state legislature.”

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!