My name is Jared Millican and I am running for the Alabama State House of Representatives District 29.

I’m not running to get rich or make a name for myself. I’m running because I want to help people. The people of my district and Alabama deserve good leadership that works for them not a party or special interest.

Our current administration hasn’t delivered on the jobs and economic activity that they promised. It’s time for things to change. If we want our community to move forward and grow we need leadership that works for the people not for the party and special interests.

I grew up in Alabama city one of the poorer neighborhoods of Gadsden where the local industry of steel and cotton once thrived. As a small child, my father worked various jobs including the post office while he attended school at night on the G.I Bill. After attending college he enrolled in law school and later became a lawyer. After practicing law for 18 years, my father decided to run for circuit judge of our county. I got my first taste of politics during this time. Being out in the community with my father and seeing all of the families that struggle day to day sparked a passion in me to help others and my community. I graduated from Emma Sansom High School – the same high school where my father also earned his high school diploma. I then went on to the local community college Gadsden State and then on to Jacksonville State University, where I met my wife. Today, my wife works to rehabilitate adolescents struggling with drug and alcohol addiction for a nonprofit. I currently work as an IT professional. Together we are raising our eight-year-old twins, Colin and Ella.

I am a second-generation member of the Masonic blue lodge, throughout my life, I have been highly engaged with my community either through public functions, volunteering or through my father the honorable Judge William Allen Millican. My tight-knit family have been in Gadsden for generations, and have always believed in this community. Today I live on Noccalula Mountain within walking distance from my parents, brother, and brother in law. I am an avid fan of Alabama football and have many other hobbies including music.

Why I am Running

I have heard politicians say that Gadsden and the surrounding counties are a great place to retire, but my wife and I think this is a great place to raise a family and live, but we are concerned for the future. Concerned for our children’s future. I want all the children in my district to grow up and have good paying jobs and be proud of their town.

My father was able to pay for his college and go to law school with his G.I Bill and working a night job. I, however, worked my way through college – sometimes working two jobs at a time – but I, unlike my father, have student loan debt.

I’ve seen many industries leave Gadsden over the years and there’s more job loss on the horizon. As employers automate and do away with jobs that can be replaced by machines our lowest paid workers will be left without employment.  Our infrastructure is dangerously old and like all small town, U.S.A is in bad need of updating. The opioid crisis has hit us hard, and our politicians are building more prisons instead of investing in mental health services and education that will help people recover and succeed.

Five years ago, I never would have thought I’d run for office, but Gadsden is my home and our community is my family. Things need to turn around if we want future generations to have a good life here. We need leaders in Montgomery who will fund education programs and bring jobs back to our district. I want to be that leader. I want to be the voice for our community.

God bless.

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not." "Dr. Seuss"

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