Not long after I announced I'd filed to run for Justice of Peace, Quorum Court, District 3, I was flattered to have supporters refer to me as both both a “Warrior for Justice” and a also a “Peacemaker.”  And while it's true that I have put my freedom on the line to fight for for healthcare justice, and have gone to great lengths to reach out to connect with those of our leaders who think quite differently from me, engaging them in discussions to guide them towards a healthier direction for us all, I understand that Quorum Court and Justice of the Peace are much more staid realities than all that, much less intriguing even than the terms would lead one to believe. But of course that is the fact for much of our everyday lives. Keeping the dishes washed, the groceries purchased, and the trash and recycling taken out, are the necessities to sustain ourselves.

While paying close attention to details, ensuring due diligence, and standing my ground, when it comes to assuring our tax dollars are spent most wisely and carefully, might not be as flashy as being handcuffed and lead away from the Senate galley at the US Capitol, it is the work of everyday life necessary to protect our county. Work that my 18 years of running a successful restaurant for nearly two decades shows I’m capable of doing.

Further, you can be assured that it is with the same level of passion and compassion that I have shown in trying to protect our country that I will work with others elected to our county government, despite any political or social differences we may have.

I moved to Eureka Springs 26 years ago, and found it an ideal place to raise my son. Eureka and Carroll County are beautiful, precious, places; I believe that all of us who live here, regardless of our politics, appreciate that.

I’ve been fortunate enough my whole life to have lived in beautiful places, but beauty is not something I take for granted; I know how lucky I have been and continue to be. So I maintain a strong desire to protect this wonderful place. Change and progress in Carroll County is, in my estimation, inevitable, but it can take place with reckless and greedy abandon, or we can take measures to assure that our local traditions, ways of life, and beautiful natural environment, are respected and integrated in the process.

I hope that I can count on you to help with my campaign.

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    “I endorse Harrie Farrow because she is completely invested in the integrity of our democracy, and strives to always learn about and directly act upon issues that matter most for us all. I trust her completely to be an ethical and knowledgeable JP.”

March 12, 2018

Campaign Treasurer on board

Supper excited to announce that smart, dedicated, Jenny Amussen has stepped up to be my campaign's treasurer!

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!