My name is Christina Cereghini and I'm running for Justice of the Peace of District 3 in Bryant, AR in the November 6, 2018 election.

My children and I have been residents of Bryant for almost 10 years and my son has grown up in the Bryant School District. My daughter will begin Pre-K in Bryant as soon as she is old enough. I attended UA Little Rock for my Bachelor's (B.A. in English) and Masters' (M.Ed. Secondary Education, M.Ed. Learning Systems Technology) Degrees and I will graduate with my Ph.D. in Reading in May 2018. I am an educator and have been teaching in the Little Rock School District for over 10 years, first at Hamilton Learning Academy, then J.A. Fair High School and currently serving McClellan High School as a Literacy Instructional Facilitator. I am a second generation American with my dad's parents immigrating from Italy and settling in New Jersey.

I want to give back to the community that has given so much of itself to my family and where I plan to call my home for as long as possible. 

Why Do I Want to Run for Justice of the Peace? 

  • Sense of “calling” to step up, give back, and serve my community.
  • I have a vision for long-range development of the community such as "Bring Back Bryant" a way for kids to give back to the community and serve their area by adopting roads or helping shut-ins. We want to make Bryant feel like home to all that live here. 
  • I am passionate about literacy & want to bring back the Saline County Literacy Council for adult education.
  • I sincerely want to improve the conditions at the Humane Society.
  • I firmly believe that we need strong, fresh leadership serving our communities into the future and one that represents the demographics of the population.
  • I have the ability to evaluate issues & policies technically and financially, weigh priorities to cost and schedule for best-value solutions for the city to implement, and discern which ordinances are most favorable for the city.

Why Am I Qualified?

  • I am a creative thinker with a vision, and I have the passion and proven capability to execute plans based on my experience as and educator and facilitator.
  • Professionally, I have proven to be an influential leader as demonstrated by my colleagues in voting me Teacher of the Year for 2017-2018.  I’m experienced in leading multiple large and complex high-value programs within budget, to schedule, and to required performance. I have collaborated with educators as well as associate superintendents and program directors. We regularly work together on budget items, large purchases, and much more. 
  • I am confident I can make a positive impact through public service and leadership, and will provide a fresh vision for the city. 
  • Being a second generation immigrant, and not growing up in Bryant, I understand the cultural values of the demographics in the City of Bryant, including their challenges and how to shape our multi-cultural community into the future.


  • Strong and Safe Community
  • First-rate Education for all
  • Keep Taxes Down
  • Strong and Robust Infrastructure
  • Better Streets
  • Cultural Exposure and Diversity
  • Recreation and Athletics Friendly
  • Care for the Growing Senior Population
  • Common Sense Laws
  • Vision for the Future
  • A Better Arkansas for All


If you wish to contribute via US mail instead of online, please write checks payable to:

                  Christina Cereghini for JP 2018

  Please provide the following information with the check before you mail them.

 *Full Name of Donor   

*Street Address of Donor including Zip Code    

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*Occupation (if not employed, put retired, homemaker, or name of Company if self-employed)   

*Email Address

    Mail checks including the donor data above to:

Christina Cereghini for JP 2018       

1904 Cherry Creek Circle      

Bryant, AR 72022  


Please use this link to register to Vote.  Every vote counts.  

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