November 8 Election 2018

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Peter Boykin President of Gays For Trump and Co-Owner of MAGA One Radio announces his candidacy for House of Representatives in Greensboro, NC

“MAGA for Everyone. Get Out and Vote” #BoykinForHouse

Feb. 26, 2018: Peter Boykin (NC) – Technical Producer of and former Show Host of MAGA First News announces he will be running for North Carolina House of Representatives District 58.

The founder of Gays for Trump is challenging an African-American Democrat in a bid to represent a Democratic-leaning NC House district in Greensboro.

The House district Boykin seeks to represent is one of three that cut across Greensboro and lean Democratic, although it’s difficult to say exactly how difficult it would be for a Republican to win since the court-ordered map is brand new. The new map effectively allows Democrats to pick up one district in Guilford County, so by spreading friendly voters out more evenly all the districts are likely to become slightly more competitive.

Mr. Boykin’s main platform will be focused on School, church, and Public safety for everyone, proper gun training and safety and employment and job security.

“I want to ensure people of all walks of life are treated with dignity and respect so long as they also return the favor,” said Boykin. “Equality is treating everyone with equal respect regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, political party, or opinions.”

Gun free does not mean removal of guns, but allows for an authorized protection plan that will permit properly trained individuals to protect churches and schools in case of emergencies with firearms.

“My goal as a representative for Greensboro, NC is to ensure our children and our family’s feel secure and safe when attending school, church, or public events knowing trained individuals are present to safeguard their lives and they will all make it home each and every day.”

What America First means to me is respect for all forms of government and law from our federal down to our local government and the people it governs. I have a love for this country and respect for our leaders and will continue to promote unity rather than division.

The official campaign is being organized and Information on how to support or donate to the Boykin For House campaign will be announced in the coming weeks. For more information about Peter Boykin read the following article Triad City Beat BoykinForHouse.

Support and follow official twitter @BoykinforHouse For press or interviews please contact @ViktoriaLColvin on Twitter or email at


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    “I strongly believe Mr. Boykin will support the President's agenda and that he truly cares for all citizens of all political persuasions. He is a very compassionate and patriotic American, but he is capable of making tough decisions as well. I'm rooting for you Mr. Boykin!”

March 10, 2018

Anyone can donate

Lots of You Don't Live in NC House District 58 but Reminder its Perfectly LEGAL for you to DONATE to my Campaign I'm fighting the Corrupt @DNC system so I need Lots of $$$ Retweets are Great but Donations ensure #Victory !! #BoykinForHouse @BoykinForHouse

March 1, 2018

Campaign created!

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