Scott Beard has announced his candidacy for Board of Education with the Marshall County School District. He is the Democratic Candidate for District 3 Board of Education. 

Scott has a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and Corrections. He has served the people of Marshall County for 24 years in the capacity of law enforcement. He has been a Certified D.A.R.E and School Resource officer in Marshall County Schools with our youth. He has helped train our students, provide guidance and mentoring. In the community, he is considered a stakeholder and a reservoir of knowledge. He is well respected by many.

It is Scott’s unique skill set that sets him apart from his competition. Scott has training in the areas of Juvenile Violence, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Community Emergency Response Team, Interdiction for the Protection of Children. He is certified in the areas of Traffic Crash Investigation and Reconstruction. These certifications would be an asset to our students and schools if there was ever an incident involving a wreck with a bus, school shootings, student violence, the need for juvenile probation or disciplinary hearings. All these responsibilities, fall under the actions of the school board. Our School Board needs someone with these experiences and certifications. Currently, no Board of Education Member meets these qualifications, however they are making these decisions.

 Student and school safety is paramount for Mr. Beard. He believes under his guidance, he can be a resource for the students, citizens and Administration of Marshall County. Scott Beard is also well versed in criminal law and court room proceedings. He has worked diligently with key individuals in the judicial world. He realizes, that if students and staff are concerned about safety, then the learning process is hindered. Mr. Beard is prepared to work with the local and state personnel to ensure the students and staff of Marshall County Schools are protected and the Learning environment is safeguarded.

Another reason Scott Beard wants to run for the Board of Education is because he is dedicated to make Marshall County Schools better. He wants to make Marshall County Schools better academically and play a roll in producing well rounded, productive citizens. He knows our good teachers can raise the recent report card scores. Mr. Beard is aware our teachers are assuming many roles daily, he is dedicated to empowering and supporting our teachers to settle for nothing less than individual student success. He has two young children who attend Marshall County Schools, his wife is a veteran teacher of 21 years in the Marshall County School system and feels he has a vested interest in not only their education but the education of all Marshall County students. He believes the citizens and students of Marshall County are better than the results of the latest report cards. He feels the best way to raise test scores is to lower teacher- student ratios, support the good teachers of Marshall County, empower and mentor our students to believe they can achieve more, beyond the College and Career Readiness Standards.

Mr. Beard, also sees a need for job placement for our students who plan to enter the workforce directly after graduation. For our younger students, Mr. Beard, knows first-hand the value of preschool. The best way to build Marshall County Schools is to provide these Preschool opportunities to the families who reside in our county. These families who are not fortunate enough to be selected by the lottery, are taking their students to other local systems. Mr. Beard feels this unacceptable. He feels grant writing for multiple Preschool opportunities at each Primary school is a necessity for student and system growth. Mr. Beard realizes turning away students at an early age is a detriment to the family and inhibits the success and growth of Marshall County Schools.

Mr. Beard realizes the need for a stronger tax base for our schools. He is dedicated to work beyond party lines with local and state representatives to derive a plan for a more equitable education for everyone. This will be a tough challenge, he is hoping his work ethic, and partnered relationships will open the doors for new opportunities to discuss a better financial solution that is fair to all. Our schools need this to grow. This paired with grant writing opportunities, art and technology camps, summer school advancement opportunities are the key to student success. Mr. Beard sees the need for additional opportunities in dual enrollment classes, he is aware parents need tuition assistance for some of these classes, but he is convinced by working together, we can derive a solution. He has confidence in the students and citizens of Marshall County. He believes we can all work together to make a positive impact. Mr. Beard feels it is time for a change. "It is fruitless to continue familiar practices and expect a different result', said Mr. Beard.  The time is now. The time to vote for the individual man and not just the political party is upon us. A vote for Scott Beard is a vote for: safety, higher expectations, guidance and integrity.

Change should involve all community members, if you would like to be a part of the campaign for a better Marshall County Schools we welcome you. Scott Beard realizes everyone can contribute and has a value. Check our website at - he welcomes the opinions of the citizens of Marshall County. Mr. Beard realizes Marshall County Schools are great but together we can make them better. Scott Beard realizes when the students of Marshall County look good, all of Marshall County looks good. Mr. Beard would like to personally invite you to join his campaign, please visit us on Facebook. 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!