To All Americans Against BS!

I am running for Congress. Why?

The most frustrating political issue of the last decade is the partisan gridlock in Washington.

Replacing old democrats with new democrats will not help to solve the gridlock. Even if democrats will pick up more seats and become the majority in Congress that will not solve the problem, it will simply bring politics back to the Obama era, but without Obama. To solve this problem, we have to start thinking outside of the traditional political venues.

We need people who are strong enough, smart enough, independent enough, to take a risk and run for the Congress outside of any political affiliation, simply as caring American citizens.

Stop looking for bi-partisan solutions - they don't exist!

Start looking for non-partisan solutions which will work all Americans!

It is so obvious that the Congress needs new “blood”. But must it be democratic “blood”? Not at all!

How about people who are actually independent?

The U.S. House of Representative needs smart, independent, independently thinking, thinking, people who can stand up to the flow of bullshit pouring down from Washington on us – common folks.

I am a good math and physics teacher, which makes me a biological bullshit-meter and a bullshiter-catcher (and I am a problem solver).

My principles are simple: be honest, be tough, be smart, be active, hold a punch and fight back.

My platform is clear.

First and foremost: the only people I will be answering to are the people from the District.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are being pumped in public education through the Department of Education and the NSF, but ask teachers and parents, and they will tell you that nothing changes. Where did all those millions go? I will find it out.

Healthcare, Medicare, Medicare, and all other programs which provide a safety net for many people have to be saved. They may need to be reassessed and repaired, but they have to function.

One person – one vote. This rule has been broken and replaced by a new one “one dollar – one vote”. We have to reverse that.

Too much secrecy and shadow deals behind the closed door. Liars and crooks have to be exposed; no one should be making money of the elected office. Everyone needs to know who gets money from whom.

Decent life is the right! Everyone, no matter of his or her social roots or status has the right to live a decent life. The number one responsibility of the government is to make it happen.

Immigration reform has to give the path to citizenship to the most of the hardworking undocumented immigrants.

Border control may need some reinforcement, but there will be NO WALL.

Gun regulations have to be simple and strong: no one ever can buy any weapon without a background check and a permit. Self-defense and hunting weapons are limited by pistols and hunting rifles. No individual can own any type of assault weapon. The second amendment has to be followed literally – only officially organized militia can have anything stronger than required for individual self-defense or hunting.

If you would prefer to have in the House a Representative who is smart, honest, and active you should support me.

The fact that from a janitor who did not speak any English I grew up to the university physics lecturer and the author of many publications proves that I do have those qualities.

All information about me, including contacts, is openly available online:

I count on your support for running this campaign.

Thank you Dr. Valentin Voroshilov

My videos:

Why do I run?

How to solve the partisan gridlock?

The new political model

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March 10, 2018

Three short videos on the matter

My videos:

Why do I run?

How to solve the partisan gridlock?

The new political model

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March 8, 2018

Campaign created!

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