I'm Mark and I am running for U.S. Congress in Missouri's 2nd Congressional District. I'm running because there is a lack of vision and courage. As an Army officer, we are trained to lead and find solutions with no excuses...Washington should act the same way. I want to bring this leadership and service background to a listless Congress that currently has the fewest veterans since World War II.

After graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia, I enlisted in the Army, and served two combat tours in Afghanistan as an artillery officer. After the second deployment, I used the GI Bill to attend George Washington University, earning a Masters of Public Administration in the evenings. During the day, I worked for fantastic leaders in Sen. McCaskill, Sen. Duckworth, and the House Armed Services Committee on national defense and veteran’s issues. Today, I'm now a Civil Affairs Officer in the Army Reserve.

The current incumbent, Rep. Ann Wagner has sadly been out of touch and AWOL. She has never participated in a debate, held a town hall, and does not represent where the District is going. 

What I want to accomplish: 

  • I support a Single Payer Healthcare System to lower premiums & expand coverage to all, regardless of income
  • Make education affordable once again by reintroducing public funding to universities/trade schools & offer universal early childhood education
  • End gun violence by adopting the common-sense reforms proposed by Mom’s Demand Action
  • Eliminate the opioid crisis by addressing it as a public health concern with treatment, education, & pharmaceutical oversight—not incarceration
  • Create bold solutions to persistent security issues by refocusing our global military commitments, return accountability to defense spending, & ensure our actions abroad reflect our values at home

Rep. Ann Wagner was a professional GOP fundraiser before transitioning to her tailor-made drawn District. With your backing and support...we can bring new leadership to D.C. 

Together, let's go win this!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!