Hi! I'm Annie Depper and I'm running for State Representative for District 35 because I believe that, by working together, we can make Arkansas better. We can make Arkansas a state that works for everyone through quality public education, accessible healthcare, and strong community support. 

I grew up in small town Arkansas, the daughter of a trial attorney who believed that everyone was entitled to be heard. My father advocated for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised. He taught me to stand up for others, to work hard, and to act with integrity and honesty. The lessons I learned from my dad laid the groundwork for my interest in public service. 

A born and raised Arkansan, I have watched Arkansas' progress with great anticipation. Anticipation because, for as long as I can remember, Arkansas has been ranked at the bottom of almost every list - healthcare, public education, infrastructure, and economic opportunity. For years I've been hoping for this to change. Arkansas has unmatched natural beauty and some of the friendliest people in the country, and yet, we have been unable to improve the lives of our citizens. 

I intend to change that with bipartisan solutions. Through collaboration between Democrats and Republicans, we can create paths forward for Arkansas; paths to providing quality public education, healthcare for every Arkansan, and communities that support their citizens. 

Public schools are our greatest tool in combatting poverty and inequality. Arkansas children must get an early start on their education to ensure successful futures. This is why early childhood education is one of my priorities. If we want our public schools to be the best in the nation, we must provide them with the support and respect they deserve. This includes supporting the teachers that take on the important task of teaching our kids. A successful public school system paves the way for children to live quality lives that contribute to the community. The first step to making Arkansas better is to focus on our public school system. 

As someone who has experienced health crises in my own family, I have an acute awareness of the importance of accessible, affordable, quality healthcare. Concern over your own health or the health of your children can be all-consuming. Arkansans deserve a healthcare system that works for them; a healthcare system in which they have access to the doctors, medicines, and procedures they need at an affordable price. "Whether your insurance will cover it" should never be a determining factor in choosing a doctor or treatment path. "It might take some time for insurance to approve this" should never be a determining factor in how quickly you receive the treatment you need. The current healthcare system is unsustainable, and we must do better. 

Building a strong community means improving Arkansas' infrastructure to better connect communities, both urban and rural. It means improving public transportation, an action that will improve Arkansas' environmental quality and ensure that individuals have access to all that their community provides. It means improving social programs to provide support to all Arkansans - the impoverished, the elderly, the young entrepreneur, the new mom, the disabled. By building a strong community we ensure that Arkansans are supported and we foster a pathway to a more prosperous state. 

I can't do any of this without your help. Donate today and let's get to work!


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