My goals are simple...

Increase the minimum age requirements to obtain firearms, get rid of assault style weapons and increase the degree of back round checks during purchase. I believe the 2nd amendment is a wonderful thing, all must evolve and change with the times. When it was formed, we had a civilian militia. The civilians needed to be armed to protect the country against any and all foes. Today, we have the strongest military in the world...comprised of the bravest, most well trained solders in the world! They have the task of protecting this country and the population against attack...we no longer need civilians to be armed.

Increase funding for local schools in BOTH science and art. As a Chiropractor, my business is deep seeded in the science of the human body, but the way I fix it requires the ART. It is always best to develop both sides of the student, not just the artist OR the scientist. In addition, dealing with the students through counseling at the schools. If we can identify those students with depression, stress, anxiety and any other emotional issues...perhaps we can prevent help them before they develop into antisocial behavior. Most children have no idea how to verbalize what they are parents, educators, is our job to give them that voice.

Increase transparency of where our tax money is going. We pay a huge amount of tax on everything we buy every day...many of us have no idea where that money is being spent. It's time we knew!

Preservation of local resources, incentives for sustainable farming and improving our environment via increased CO2 storage and processing. 

I am the proud father of a 4 year old little girl, and 2 year old boy. I am terrified at the world they stand to inherit. I want my chance to improve it and make it safer for them, and everyone.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!