This Is The Most Important Election In American History! 

Our goal is to flip all Republican Districts in California Blue. This will not be easy, but it can be done if we all work together, and get out the vote. We need to defeat Republicans who are protecting the Trump regime, and win a large majority in the House so we can stop the Trump anti-democracy and Anti-American agenda.
There are 435 members of the House of Representatives, 238 Republicans, 193 Democrats, and 4 Vacancies. Only 24 seats in the House are needed to be flipped from Red to Blue to give a majority to the Democrats. If we can flip all Red seats in California to Blue, it would give an extra 6 seats in the House for Democrats. Flipping the House and giving Democrats as big a majority as possible is also vital for having a REAL investigation into the Russian interference in our elections. 

There are 53 Congressional Districts in California. Currently 39 seats are held by Democrats and 14 are Republican. At present, 8 Republican seats are considered vulnerable to be flipped Blue in 2018. However, in the age of Trump, and what we have seen so far, no Republican seat can be considered completely safe. 

Of course in order to do this, our candidates will need a lot of help. Even though California is a predominantly Blue state, there are areas that are very Red. For example, right now in the CA-04  district, the incumbent Tom McClintock, a Trump stooge with an NRA rating of A. The Republicans are running scared this election, and they will be pouring as much money as they can into district races. 

We are vetting candidates, and will endorse and support those candidates in the primaries who have the best chance of winning, and those candidates who support the principals of Honesty, Decency, Respect & Integrity in government. Also those candidates who advocate for Affordable Health Care, Women's Rights, Common Sense Gun Legislation, Public Education, Immigration Reform, etc. However, candidates that are very ideological may not have the best chance of winning, and we need candidates that are a good fit the district they are running in. 

We will especially focus on supporting women candidates, and we will be helping candidates with  social media, campaign ads, and get out the vote campaigns. We support candidates who will actually be working for all Americans, including those who have been left behind in the economy, and not just work for the donor class. Candidates also need to have concrete and actual proposals about how they will help the people of their district, and then put those plans into action when they are elected. 

The more we raise, of course the more we’ll be able to support more candidates and make more of a difference. The California June Primaries are coming in a just a few months, and we need your help to analyze and vet primary candidates, to determine which candidates have the best chance of winning in the general election against the Republican incumbent. Please help with your generous contribution. Thank you.  

Sponsored By AVDF an FEC registered Political Action Committee.

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April 16, 2018

The Demise Of A Democracy Pt. I

How To Turn A Liberal Democracy Into a De Facto Dictatorship

How does it happen that a modern liberal democracy can be transformed into an intolerant dictatorship? Can it be done by without using the military, without arresting political opponents, and without some kind of coup. Actually it can happen, and it has happened in Hungary. It happened with the reelection of Viktor Orbán, with a super-majority of his party in parliament. So how did Orbán do it? He did it by undermining the rule of law, destroying the separation of powers, and by demonizing ethnic minorities and immigrants. Hungary was a liberal democracy and a member of the European Union. The descent into dictatorship was gradual, and didn’t happen all at once. But it was a kind of perfect storm. It begin with a society in which the fundamental social values started to change dramatically between the big cities and metropolitan areas, and those in the countryside. The reaction of the more traditional population in the rural heartland was a feeling of being left behind, and being looked down on by the urban population. Their traditional values were no-longer relevant. Unfortunately, there was also a wave of illegal immigrants that seemed to threaten the demographic and cultural balance of the country. Adding to this, the ruling leftist socialist government was scandal-ridden and fractured. So in 2010 Orbán, a right-wing demagogue, was able to exploit the political crisis and win a super-majority in parliament along with coalition partners.  

Once in power, this super-majority allowed Orbán to amend the constitution a year later which reduced the number of seats in the parliament from 386 to 199. It also allowed him to gerrymander to assure his party’s victory in upcoming elections, make gay marriage illegal, and dictate that state run media would be predominate over independent media in election campaigns. He was also able to force many judges to retire early so he could pack the courts with his own judges. He also allowed ethnic Hungarians in neighboring Romania to vote. However, it was the immigration crisis in 2015 with 174,000 asylum claims that Orbán exploited the fears of a horde of terrorists and criminals, taking over Hungary. He also added in traditional central European antisemitism. As a result, so-called traditional voters and voters in rural areas supported him in large numbers.

He also created new media outlets that broadcast his propaganda, and attacked,  and undermined mainstream media. He had a huge fence constructed to keep Muslim immigrants out, and did not accept any of the 50,000 refugees the EU wanted to settle in Hungary. Through crony capitalism his political allies got very wealthy, and he demonized the Jewish billionaire and philanthropist, George Soros, as an enemy of the state.

In last week’s election, rural voters overwhelmed urban voters and gave Orban almost 50 percent of the vote, and two-thirds of the seats in Parliament which gave him a super-majority without the need for coalition partners. This gives him even more ability to revise the constitution. He also forced the shut-down one of the two remaining opposition newspapers, the 80 year old Magyar Nemzet. It is doubtful that there will be free and fair elections in Hungary for a very long time. It is now in reality a dictatorship with sham elections. This is exaxctly what happened in Russia. Fascism in Europe is once again on the rise, and can be seen recently in Poland and Austria.   

If you have been paying attention for the last 2 years, then the demonizing of immigrants, racism, religious bigotry, gerrymandering, saying the media is the enemy of the people, corruption, pandering to white nationalism, mocking the establishment, voter suppression, and a candidate with a huge personality, you will find this all too familiar. The question is, could this happen in America? Of course America is not Hungary. America has long-standing institutions and traditions (the separation of powers, the Constitution, the Judiciary, and a free press) that is working to prevent an authoritarian right-wing regime from taking over. However, we cannot be complacent, and we cannot assume it can’t happen here. We must do all we can, and work every day to protect and defend democracy. Organizing and voting are the most important things we can do. We cannot give up. Just the other day many tens of thousands of Hungarians marched in protest in Budapest against the newly re-elected Prime Minister Orban, saying they want to "live in a state of law".

April 12, 2018

Trump Has Activated Millions of Americans To Get Into Politics

Some years ago there were a few people who said that if Trump became president it would ignite Americans to get involved in politics like never before, and were they right! He has brought on a kind political revolution the likes of which America has not seen since the 1960s.

The election of a proto-fascist reality-star as president, has spurred millions of concerned Americans who were never active in politics before, to get involved to save America. Trump’s bragging about sexual assault, calling his accusers liars, and his anti-women’s rights agenda has inspired more women that ever to run for public office. This huge increase in women’s involvement in the political system will transform the country in a fundamental way.

In the Trump era, the Trumplican agenda is the philosophy of racism, religious bigotry, sexism, hatred of immigrants, homophobia, corruption, pro-gun,  pro-violence, and most of all pro-Putin and pro-Russia. People know these are NOT American values!  

As we know, the day after Trump’s election, in the largest protest since the Vietnam era, millions of women and concerned men marched in solidarity in D.C. to show their contempt for the new pussy-grabber-in-chief. Then in the following months, Americans concerned about their health care flooded town-hall meetings and roundly chewed-out Republican lawmakers for taking their health care away. The result is that many newly formed social networks and radicalized groups have turned into local political organizations. Just a few of them in California are California Voices For Progress, Close The Gap CA, Sierra Forward, etc.

As we have seen, Democratic turnout in special elections has shot up, and we have seen massive pro-American demonstrations against Trump that the country has not seen in many decades. Trump’s totalitarian and Mafia style presidency is bringing about an outpouring of political engagement in America since day one. Now a poll from the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation we have an idea of the extent of this development.

The survey, which is a study of rally-goers and protesters, says that 1 in 5 Americans has attended at least one protest or political rally since the beginning of 2016, and that 19 percent of those had never attended such an event before then. Also about half of those Americans who participated in political activism over the last two years have done so partly as a reaction to Trump. Of course the reason given by most of those who participated in protests was a negative opinion of Trump, and 70% of new activists are vehemently anti-Trump.

The poll also says that all this anti-Trump activity is largely among middle-aged, highly educated suburbanites. The breakdown is as follows: At 44 percent, Americans who attended at least one protest or rally were 50 or older; 46 percent earned more than $100,000 a year; and 50 percent were college graduates. Middle-class College-educated suburban women in America represent the core of the anti-Trump resistance.

The bulk of this huge surge in political activism in the era of Trump is made up of just regular people, and not as in previous revolutions of young, radical leftist, mostly college students who led protests in the anti-Vietnam War era. All this is very good for Democrats who are running for office in record numbers, and organizing to get out the vote to win elections in the mid-terms.

Even though there is a projected Blue Wave coming in November, we cannot be complacent. We saw what happened in 2016 when everyone thought Hillary Clinton would be in the White House, and many people didn’t vote. Everyone needs to get involved, volunteer, work for their candidate, and donate what they can. Of course it’s onerous that money is the dominate factor in elections, but that is the reality we live in today. Republicans are running scared this year, and their candidates will be very well funded. In order to defeat them, Democrats must be well funded too. Remember: Vote Blue No Matter Who!  

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