I am a proud educator in Mason County. I teach at Leon Elementary - a small, rural elementary school in Leon, WV. We have approximately 160 PreK-6th grade students. Our school is much more than just a place where our students learn academically. It is a like second home for staff and students. A place where we all grow and thrive together. 

In addition to being a proud teacher at our little school on the hill,  I also reside in Leon with my husband, Jack, and our three children - Rhett, 10, Eastyn, 5, and Chesney, 20 months. God has truly blessed me with all four of them. 

I am often asked why I have decided to run for Senate. The answer is easy, actually. I am tired of walking into the voting booth and hoping that the "nice guy" on the ballot will be the best representative for US (common, hardworking West Virginians). I want to make sure we have a candidate on the ballot who will listen to US and vote in a way that represents the thoughts and beliefs of the people of this district - not one who votes along party lines and according to his own agenda. I am a third party candidate for that very reason. I am Independent. Independent is a synonym for self-reliant and freethinking. 

Another question I'm asked is:  What makes me different than other candidates? I have several answers to that. First, I have always had the gift of putting others' needs ahead of my own. It isn't something I really even think about. It just happens. This very gift is what makes me a great wife, mother, friend, and teacher. It also the very thing that will make me a great senator. I will put the needs of my constituents ahead of my own. We definitely need more of that in our legislature. 

Second, I come from humble beginnings and that gives me the perspective I need to relate to people.  I grew up in a trailer with my mother, stepfather, and older brother (my father was never in my life as a child). Both my parents worked hard to provide for us and sacrificed so we would have what we needed and be able to enjoy small luxuries such as playing sports and attending camps. I know the struggles of a lower-middle class family because I came from one. Also, as a teacher, I work with children who come from families of all aspects of life - positive and negative. This gives me a unique perspective from that angle as well. 

Finally, another thing that makes me different is that I am personable and approachable. I encourage anyone to message me on my Facebook page or email me with any questions or concerns you have. If you see me out and about, please come up and introduce yourself. I love meeting new people and will truly take your concerns and opinions to heart. You will not meet a more reliable, truthful, or determined candidate who will work for YOU...I mean, US. Please help put one of US in there. I won't let US down. That's my campaign promise. 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!