My name is David Jeang, a lifelong resident of Montgomery County and former Democrat who has joined the fight for reform on the outside, knowing full well I have enough friends and neighbors taking the fight to the corrupt establishment on the inside. My district's senate race would have gone unopposed had I not stepped up to face the challenge, that's how heavily weighed the party leaders can be when you live in an area where even the major party opposition cannot field a full team to campaign with. And it has shown some very ugly results on certain decisions made by both county leaders and state leaders based in this county because of how 'safe' they think their seats are.

Rich land owners still avoid as much property tax as possible, threatening us to keep it that way or they'll go to their land developing friends and tell them "you can bulldoze the whole thing down with everyone else still in it now, I'm selling!". Gas pipelines are still being paved through our state despite the fracking ban on the grounds that it wasn't fracked in our state, so it's okay. Schools are overcrowded and falling apart while teacher wages and benefits are not even making ends meet despite our education budgets being the second biggest sector of spending. And so many progressive ideas, public banking, electoral reform, cannabis legalization, Styrofoam bans, etc., are put on indefinite hold until it's more convenient and 'politically safe' to talk about by the official committees.

All it takes is one brave soul to say "can't we talk about this instead?" to get people wondering why haven't we tried any of these new ideas yet or directly addressed a problem that has been going on for years if not decades. Why can't we have a state container deposit program? Why can't we have community smart-grids and broadband? Why can't we have our own hemp products? Why can't we even have a debate on why not? And that's what I bring first and foremost to the table by running, the question that has been missing a straight answer for a long time, why and why not?

I'm running to learn what's going on, what people want out of their leaders, and in turn they will learn from each other through me and my positions. It doesn't matter what party you wave your flag under, your thoughts and ideas don't change just because a letter next to your name does. And if the people around me are as open-minded as I believe they are, they'll understand that and make me the first Green state senator in Maryland. There will be no PACs, there will be no private fundraiser parties, there will just be me, you, and the issues.

California may lead the fight in west, but it will be Maryland who takes the first step in the east.

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