Community Leader

Helen Alli is a proud Veteran of the  United States Army and has been trained to protect and serve our Country.  She is a Community Leader and a large part of the Resistance Movement to save our Democracy.  She began serving in her community as a volunteer at a battered women's shelter helping women begin again and became the League Coordinator for the United States Tennis Association encouraging adults to stay fit with tennis.  Helen was appointed to The Board of the Richmond Economic Development Authority servicing small businesses throughout Richmond and is a local business owner in the healthcare industry.  She is actively involved in our community and serves as the Legislative Chair for the Crusade for Voters which led the referendum on the ballot this November to modernize Richmond Public Schools.    The School Modernization Act is a $500,000,000 project that has bipartisan support with a goal of renovating the schools and to bring 1000's of jobs to Central Virginia.   Elect Helen Alli to Congress for the 7th District in 2018.  She has demonstrated a lifetime of service and will work hard for you!

We, the people in the 7th District, have everything we need to reverse our economic decline and achieve prosperity for all our citizens.  We need bold responsible leadership to move all of our counties forward including our rural communities that are in desperate need of high-speed Internet and we have to address the opioid crises everywhere in our district.  We need to put the people over party and take back our Democracy.  We are on the right side of history.  This is the first time that an African American has run in this district and the first time that an African American woman has run in this district.  This is a Historic race and the people in the 7th District are pleading for change.  We need change, not promises. This current administration gave us promises and that is not enough.  Some people are literally hanging on by a straw to get the help that they need.  We need demonstrations of community results from a new representative.  Helen Alli has demonstrations of results in our district and will work tirelessly for everyone.   Be a part of that change and let's build bridges, not walls.

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March 28, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!