My name is Arlene Cunningham Easley, and I am running for Alabama House of Representatives District 104 in beautiful South Mobile County. At my core, I take being a public servant very seriously, and believe that elected officials are in office for the people, and should act on behalf of the people they represent. This means that a transparent and open government is of utmost importance. We must be accountable to all Alabamians, and give all the people of Alabama a voice – in how their elected officials vote; in how their elected officials invest their tax dollars; and in what the citizens of our state need to improve their lives.Our current Republican-led House has failed to deliver on things that are important to our community, including a strong economy, competitive wages, and educational resources for our schools. In order for Alabama to move forward in a positive direction – one that we can work towards together – it’s time for a change! We need leaders in Montgomery who work for the people, are committed to the people, not leaders who work for special interest groups.

While I have always strived to meet my civic responsibility by volunteering, I never thought I would run for office. However that changed when I joined a group of wonderful women on a bus traveling from Mobile to Washington DC to participate in the Women’s March on Washington in January of 2017.  On that trip I realized that we each have to be the change that we want to see in the world, and in our state.

Growing up in Alabama in the 1960s, I know what segregation looks and feels like. Going through integration in elementary school, I can see the great strides that we in our state have made over the last few decades. We deserve representatives in Montgomery who understand what it’s like to struggle, what it’s like to raise a family while going to school at night. We need leaders who know how to strategize, how to develop and manage a budget that will fund important line items such as education and mental health programs. We need leaders who understand how to create successful programs that will work in our state. We need compassionate leaders who understand the moral obligation of caring for the elderly, for the sick, for the impoverished. We need practical leaders who understand how to build a competitive workforce, who know the importance in investing in education and jobs.

I am that leader. I have the experience and the commitment. I want to take the voice of all the people in District 104 with me to Montgomery, where I can stand in solidarity with you and improve the lives of all Alabamians.

On The Issues

  • Investing in Education –  All four of my daughters went to public school. I have spent time volunteering in local schools, and watched the level of dedication by my mother as an educator in the Head Start program, and I know firsthand that a change is needed in Alabama when it comes to education programs.
    • I will
      • Fight for competitive salaries for public school educators
      • Evaluate alternate funding streams that can provide for classroom resources, including basic supplies
      • Identify gaps in resources needed for underperforming schools to do better
      • Support legislation that seeks out opportunities for advanced technology in public schools
      • Work across party lines to identify ways of addressing the current student loan crisis
  • Affordable Healthcare including Availability of Mental Healthcare
    • I will
      • Work with mental healthcare workers and families in the state to identify gaps in available services
      • Support efforts to improve health care standards that are aimed at treating aggression and violent behavior.
      • Support common sense prison reform, addressing  lack of mental health services and prison overcrowding issues
  • Stronger Economy and Workforce Development – Having worked hand-in-hand with small businesses and identifying ways in which they can diversify their company portfolios to increase profits and minimize risk, I recognize the need for this across the state.  I am experienced in identifying opportunities for growth and I am dedicated to helping those in need,  and those who want to grow a stronger Alabama together.
    • I will
      • Facilitate open communications and cross collaborative opportunities in which business owners can voice their concerns, share lessons learned, and discuss and identify areas for growth
      • Fight for a balanced state budget that also  addresses the needs of our communities’ mental health programs, schools and workforce development
      • Work to facilitate connection with universities, large and small businesses to encourage public-private collaboration models
      • Work within communities and with businesses to develop ways to create a livable wage
      • Respond to technological changes that are occurring by expanding availability of workforce development opportunities in public schools

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