Young people all over the world have recognized the power in our voices, and we’re using this newfound hope to make meaningful and lasting change. We are dedicating our lives to dismantling the structural, cultural, and legal forms of discrimination that have continued to plague our government system. With this, I am pleased to be running to become the next State Representative of Michigan’s House District 4.

I want to use my strengths and experiences — personal lows as well as personal triumphs — to help enact change in my state house district. While civic engagement and public service have always been passions of mine, I was turned off from participating in politics because of the negative stigma surrounding “Detroit politics”. 

Now, I’m hoping to turn that narrative around. 

I believe that diverse constituents need diverse representation. If we really want to effect change in our community, we need more diverse representation in our political system. There’s where I come in. With my many platforms, I continuously spark dialogue concerning marginalized groups, and how we can acquire resources to advance our communities.

During my time working in our nation’s capitol, under the Honorable U.S. Representative Brenda Lawrence, I aided in the introduction of many bills including but not limited to: H.R. 415 - legislation that requires GEAR-UP grantees to provide academic and mental health counseling services to participating students. I , too, examined extensive legislation as well as attended press conferences and briefings to bring about solutions concerning education, mental health, and opioid abuse; issues that currently plague District 4 . 

In conjunction with my Congressional work, I was apart of the inaugural cohort to work collaboratively with Midtown Detroit Inc., community members, organizers, and residents to build community and support economic development in the Midtown area. Through this, I was able to enhanced public awareness of resources and opportunities for development in the district.

While matriculating through Michigan State University, I led my peers in talks with administrators to ensure the development of a truly welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment. My commitments allowed me to articulately challenge the status quo and thoughtfully develop ways to forge ahead. Specifically, I was successful in advocating for cultural sensitivity and diversity training for officers, faculty, and staff – mandating mandatory sexual assault workshops – acquiring in-state tuition for Dreamers – and accessing educational resources for minority students to increase retention and graduation rates. 

Currently, I am a community organizer, championing issues including economic justice, equitable education, mass incarceration, human sex trafficking, women's reproductive rights, and immigration reform.

I want to show young people of color that creating change is possible, and that we can do so through elected office. Representing them, while also giving them tangible hope to impact future generations, is what’s most important for me.

But I can’t do this without you! The greatest detriment to Black women candidates is that our campaigns lack financial support. Historically, Black women have voted more than any other demographic group, only to have our voices ignored in policy decisions after the elections. That's why it's crucial to support Black women running for political office.

If you haven’t already, please check out my campaign website – - read more on my background and policy issues, and please donate to help build a successful campaign that is taking action, instilling hope, and inspiring change for generations to come.

We can no longer sit back and wait for things to change, or allow other people to tell us, we’re too young or inexperienced, to make it happen ourselves. No more fearing the unknown. It is imperative that we are a part of the process. 

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July 13, 2018

Because regular campaign videos are BORING!

Help us reach our fundraising goal so we can make HISTORY and get the youngest woman EVER, MYYA JONES, elected into Michigan’s State legislature.

Make sure y’all GET OUT and VOTE August 7th, ESPECIALLY if you live in Myya’s District 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!