Friends and Colleagues: I am a 39 year resident of the Alum Rock Community in San Jose California, and as you might be aware of, I am going to be on the November 6, 2018 ballot for the position of Trustee on the Alum Rock Union School District Board. First and foremost my husband and I have been married for 39 years and together we raised three sons and one daughter and all four attended Alum Rock Schools – Linda Vista and Joseph George – successfully. After 35 years, last year 2017 my husband and I retired from our family-owned and operated Jewelry business that I managed, and for which I provided watch-repair services.

The Alum Rock School District is currently facing major issues, such as a deficit  budget. And despite the successful passage of two Bond Measures the school district still has a crumbling infrastructure concerning old bathrooms, lack of air-conditioning and heating, and a Board Majority that has lost it's focus on education. My major concern, and what yours should be as well, is whether or not these issues are going to be resolved in the best interest of District's students.

Gratefully, I am in a position to repay those who have helped me throughout the years, my neighbors, friends, acquaintances and colleagues. It is unto you that I am indebted, indebted for helping to support my business, my family, and my community.  Now it is my time to give back. So I am offering all my knowledge and experience as a parent, my management and fiscal expertise as a business owner, my spanish and english fluency, and my ability to connect within the community in which I have spent most of my life.

Join me in the fight for honest transparent governance and the abolishment of corrupt, special interest politics by your VOTE for me. And as you well know, the cost of running a campaign can get pretty expensive and time consuming, so any and all the help you can offer me, will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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