I'm highly devoted Grandmother on a mission!!,  standing up for the next generations' chances for a sustainable future.

I have been observing geoengineering activities occurring in Maine for the past 4 years, working with www.zerogeoengineering.com since 2016,  advocating my peers and law makers with an anti geoengineering legislative initiative; similar to Rhode Islands Geoengineering Act of 2017

Regulating the Involuntary emissions pollution with the Zerogeoengineering.com /  Geoengineering Act of Maine, a great opportunity for Maine to lead the way.

The Legislation will benefit and protect the health and safety of Maine Residents and natural resources and may:

-Increase the chances that the gulf of Maine's health will recover and again provide a fishing industry 

- Help the process of photosynthesis

-Help soil health and decrease the tick population

- Increase the chances that the Maine forest will flourish

-Increase the organic Farmers productivity

- Increase the bees ability to reproduce

-Increase the bats ability to reproduce

-Help with the mental illness epidemic

-Possibly decrease the drug epidemic.

-Help prevent cancers, autoimmune system and other diseases
 caused by a lack of vitamin D

- Decrease incidence of lung and other cancers

-Increase the middle class impoverished financial abilities

- Decrease the need for prescription drugs 

-Decrease the amount of aluminum and other nano particulates of pollutions in the air, soil, water which may possibly help to decrease the amount of Autism and Alzheimer's

-Allow my grandchildren and generations to come,  the right to pursue happiness

-And much more. 

We need to Let the Sun Shine in, future generations deserve better than they are being handed. 

Please support my Maine State House efforts to put regulations or a ban on geoengineering in Maine, while also helping others around the world efforts as well We need to

Let the Sun Shine In again 

Thank you 

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    “You are on the right track with a great Mission, Robin!”

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    “Robin is running against geoengineering a program that is unofficial and secretive. It's like running against WWIII and the masters of war. I'm on her side.”

July 16, 2018

THANK YOU Diana Wayburn

I have been out door to door campaigning - anti 5g, anti geoengineering, 

Your donation very much appreciated.., Will be used for printing supplies, hands out.

May 31, 2018


For your donation helping to create awareness for the need of regulations to protect us from geoengineering methods. 

Much appreciated

Thank you 

My best to you 


May 31, 2018


for your generous donation, together we will help to create the awareness needed to introduce The Geoengineering Act of Maine legislative initiative in 2019.

Very much appreciated 

Thank you

My best to you


May 27, 2018


Your donation very much appreciated and will be well spent spreading awareness of zerogeoengineering.com legislative initiative and importance of regulatiing the UNREGULATED, 

Much appreciated thank you. 

May 24, 2018


For your endorsement and for your donation, sent via pay pal. 

Very much appreciate the support for me and my platform,  from all.

May 23, 2018

Thank you Kate

Very much appreciated, and looking for to working with you in Augusta next year ☮️

May 22, 2018

Let the Sun Shine In- political palm cards

Big THANK YOU to Patricia Wood, Allen Cooke, Jolie D, Lisa Lipkin, Lori Flynn, for you donations to get my campaign going. 

I have 2 stong Green Independent party members, Betsy Marsano, and Betsy Garrod who have offered their experience door to door campaigning, and I need cards or magnets to hand out, and will be able to either purchase or buy a printer, with ink wells as may be more cost efficient to print my own, and for future low cost printing capabilities. 

I'm excited to get get out in the community. 

Much gratitude and love 


April 6, 2018

Campaign created!

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