Denver Mayor – Denver Mayor 2019 – Denver Mayoral Innovation Love and Peace Candidate Marcus Giavanni, filed first, with Denver Elections Division on Tuesday, December 20, 2016. Denver Mayoral Candidate Marcus Giavanni ran for 2011 Denver Mayoral Elections. And then again in the 2015 Denver Mayoral Elections. This time, and four years later. 2015, The "League of Women Voters Denver the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party". Since, it was written in 1970. That the League of Women Voters Denver, was again, the mouth piece for the Democratic party in the city and county of Denver entire elections process. Donate to Marcus Giavanni

DENVER MAYOR 2019 - INNOVATION LOVE AND PEACE  - "GOOGLE MAYOR needs your help! With a gift of $19 allows us an opportunity to work together, and puts us in a position to tell me. What would you do as Mayor, and What Can I do. To help us change our government.  Candidate Marcus Giavanni is a  "FAMILIES RIGHTS ADVOCATE - REFORMING DEVER GOVERNMENT - GOOGLE MAYOR 2019"." Have you heard about the "Speer Amendment 1913; Denver is nonpartisan Government.

What happened with the Denver Mayoral Elections. The League of Women Voters Denver. Decided that the candidates who ran for Mayor of Denver in 2015 Municipal elections. These 2015, Mayoral Candidates were not worthy enough to go up against Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock for Denver 2015. "FAMILIES RIGHTS ADVOCATE - REFORMING GOVERNMENT - GOOGLE MAYOR 2019".

I am running for the 2019 Future Denver, and all it glory of being the Future Beacon of Light that for not only the entire nation. But for the entire world according to Google. I have seen, these glories from Google Image Search in 2011 – 2018.

It all started with the identity of Denver’s Government. And the virtual monopoly the Democratic Party has not only endured themselves since 1963. (While Denver elections are nonpartisan, Democrats have long held a virtual monopoly on Denver politics with all citywide elected officials having Democratic Party affiliation. The office of Denver's Mayor has been occupied by a Democrat since the municipal general election of 1963.).

But Denver Government has had an Elected Mayor, City Council, Auditor, and Clerk and Recorder. Whom all democrats, are suppressors of the true identity of Denver’s Government for the last 54 years. Now Denver’s Government Identity in 2015 was categorized as a Monopoly Government.

The Democrat leadership. Has embedded their Democratic operatives in all city and county of Denver Departments; and within many of the Nonpartisan 5013c Tax Exempt. All the Vendors are Democratic Operatives. All being labeled as Kleptocrats. This is not me folks. This is the way things are being indexed in our everyday lives. Indexed on every Internet Browser, every Cell Phone provider, every Internet Provider, every Cable Service Provider. All keeping track on what you say, what you do, where you go and with everyone within earshot of their devices microphone. Every Sound, Image, and Location; you have been, gone, or spoke or spoken, and with whom. They all know!

Denver’s Government like Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, for an example. Michael B. Hancock, a now categorized Kleptocrat leader. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock makes $260,000 per year. How did Mayor Michael B make all that Money?

Michael B. Hancock served two terms as Denver city council. His pension is full salary of $90,000 per year for the rest of his life. (So, does every termed-out city council person, who is still alive.) They all make the new raises of $90,000 or the rest of their lives. The real question, how many ex-city council members are their collecting elaborate, and other perks for the rest of their lives. Not to mention those currently in 11 City council Districts, Auditor, Clerk and Recorder. And not to mention all the pensions for the retired Department heads, and supervisors.

And now Michael B. Hancock the Mayor of Denver, now has served two terms, and his new raise earns him $170,000+ Perks. This means whether Michael Hancock serves another 4 years and is reelected as 3rd term Mayor. Michael will make $260,000 for the rest of his life. Mayor Hancock is 48 years old. You do the math. And do the math of all the living Mayor before Hancock.

As the new Denver Mayoral elect. We will bring common sense, and pragmatic solutions team. to the over spending, over reaching Peak Leadership of Michael B. Hancock, and friends of the current Denver Monopoly Government, and Democratic friends; all those Kleptocrats. Whom have no idea, they all have all been identified as Kleptocrats, moving the city and county of Denver to the new category in 2019 Denver Kleptocracy Government. If Denver Voters allow this to happen. It will cost Denver it’s rankings on all Browsers all over the World Wide Web. And will be a mecca for Kleptocrat followers. Will to ruin, destroy, the old way of City Beautiful.  Look at the gang writings on the streets of Denver. This current Government has lost all credibility. And are willing participants, since the 2011 municipal election ballot cover up. The big No, to holding the 2015 Denver Mayoral Debates.

Our teachers are overworked, underpaid. Yet those who represent Denver Teachers. The Colorado Education Association, and the Denver Teachers Associations. They all received their raises, their bonus, and their perks. While all the time claiming to give teachers the respect, and compensation Denver Teachers need Money, recourse and help, to live, work, play retire in the city and county of Denver.

Denver Police, Denver Sheriff, Denver Fire, Denver EMT. Over worked, over played, under paid, under staffed, and over worked. And I am the only Denver Mayoral Candidate is talking about the real issues since 2011. And I am the only candidate that listens to voters. And have many platforms , and applications that will make denver operate smarter not harder. And when Denver Voters swallow the hard chew. 

Denver Voters don’t forget. And Voters’ finally realizing, they have been played, manipulated, and suppressed for the last 54 years. By the Democratic Party of Denver.

Denver Employees, Underpaid, Overworked, and never getting the promotions, only going to a hierarchy of the Democratic Party of Denver. Folks, my mother, and her family where all Democrats. So, I feel for the Democrats, whom have been taken over by Kleptocrats’. Yeah, Denver Employees they deserve raises. Whilst they watch their bosses, and elected officials get all the raises, perks, parties, and special events. With a few crumbs throw to other ass kiss employees. Who really deserve to be FIRED!

This is coming folks, Firings demotions, and Jail, to a hand full of Denver Department head administrators. You Know who you are … civil rights violators! Denver Employees have had enough of being used as pawns and must take furlough days. Not making their monthly financial obligations. And when Denver waves the proverbial carrot on a stick. They had a Denver Teachers Walk out

Denver Public Schools home of the most corrupt group of Kleptocrats, who answers to know one. But themselves is going to stop. These DPS school leaders purposely use Denver’s teachers, our Children, as pawns. To push the Common Core value of creating weak, low self-esteem, where no one is accountable, for a damn thing.

Everyone wins. And is rewarded by a select few of kings and Queens of Denver. Colluding with others, to further their reins of power. Over the city and County of Denver.

  If you don’t want to work crowd. Is the crowds’ Denver Mayor, and City council push. As to their supports for this continued insane policies and procedures of this current administration. And All other social dilemma facto operating, culprits  procedures that keep Denver Schools funded. To keep Denver Children from ever really being able to know what failure, and accomplishment mean.

Thus, why Denver Public Schools like to brag that 68% graduation rate, as being the best thing, to Michael Hancock’s bald head! This is how underachievers, Over reaching Kleptocrats work. While promoting Denver being the best place to live.

When in fact Denver is at a 10-year record high of Violent crimes, Home invasions, Car Jacking, and crimes against children, and crimes against the elderly. This will stop when We are Mayor of the city and county of Denver, Colorado 80202.

Listen Folks, I am what I am. And that’s all that I am. – Popeye

I am a Fluke on track with destiny. I am not perfect. Nor am I a quitter. I learn things to be the best. Or to explain my crazy world of habitual Offenders, To whom, Now I have created an application. That can identify the habitual offender, and the law enforcement who further the claims of malice. With the intent, and sole purpose to destroy the life of another person ( to take children) or ruin business. (Call a business, leave fake reviews). I have seen and been through it all.

I have been battling the city and county of Denver for since 2007. I am running for Mayor of Denver to clean up the Family Court System, and the Denver Health and Human Services, Child Support Unit, and Family support registry. As well as other departments and their actions on braking up families. And taking children, based on lies by Habitual Offenders. Or taking children because of Politics.

As mayor, I’m not looking to start a witch hunt. Because I already have my paperwork. That will substantiate my allegations. I’m asking for your support. Sponsor me. So, I can get my story out. So, we can save Denver from itself. Your donations will allow me to be heard, as well as others. Whom have been VICTIMS of this Corrupt bunch of Foolishness. That are running families. Therefore, you will not here this in the local media. Because the local media are Democratic Supporters. 

 With your support, you put me, your fighter in the ring. I may not live in your state, city or county. But if you’re a father, mother, business owner, or voter in the United States of America. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or the fastest growing voter block Independent/Unaffiliated. You all can support my nonpartisan Campaign to save Denver from itself. 

Who Am I???

I am Marcus Giavanni - the 1st Nonpartisan Mayoral Candidate since 1963. I have lived in Denver since 2006. I am a recovering Roman Catholic/Puerto Rican/Taino Indian/Iberian/West African/Jew. I was adopted age 1 through Roman Catholic Social Services. and was born in Phoenix, AZ. My hero, was, and still is my adopted Father Patrick Canute Nelson from Buffalo, to Brooklyn, New York. They called him Brooklyn in the pool halls in the deep streets of Brooklyn. My dad shot pool and was Minnesota Fats rack boy. That’s how my dad paid his way through college. Shhhh!

Patrick was an Irish Roman Catholic from a family of 13 brothers, and sisters. Patrick was a SSGT in the United States Air Force and served under the Korean Conflict. Patrick was an engineer, and taught part time at Phoenix College; advanced Mathematics, and Economics. Patrick loved his students. Patrick Cunt Nelson died on December 4, 2004. NELSON Family in National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona. The saddest day of my life! My father died of complications from an aneurysm. And it was dialysis is what killed him. To need a machine to live. Just wore him out.

My mother was Anglo-Saxons Baptist Lea Anthony, converted to Roman Catholic when she married Patrick. Her brother was Baptist Minister Dr. Bruce Anthony.  Lea was unable to bare children. Lea and Patrick adopted 7 children, 6 were sickly children.

Lea Anthony-Nelson-Delzer died Monday, March 22, 2010, at Hospice of the Valley in Glendale with her family at her side. She had just celebrated her 81st birthday. Lea was born in Brawley, Imperial County, Calif., to the late Homer and Irma (Bruce) Anthony. She moved to Arizona as a young girl in 1938. She dedicated her life to serving others. She chose one of the most noble service-oriented careers to work in; nursing. She was a registered nurse for more than 35 years, 16 of which she served as the director of nursing at Community Hospital in Phoenix. Lea was an active member of St. Rita's Catholic Church in Show Low. While there she served as a Eucharistic minister, Lector and Bible class teacher. She truly loved her church family and many there will miss her sweet acts of kindness.

I now it's important to know the background, and the foundation. That made me, the man I am today. And the wisdom through triumphing over many, many, many adversities. You would only see in Hollywood scripts. But my stores are real, and it was the good, bad, and indifference, I had gone through. That has made me the man, and leader, I am today. 

"One specific adversity Google Books: 1998 - Nelson vs The United States of America, A System in Denial "A Book for the World for the 21st Century". On February 20, 1992 in Scottsdale Arizona"." 

Now, twenty-six years later from that Erie, and Dreary day of February 20, 1992. By the hands of a dozen FBI Special agents. Lying to their bosses, to get a positive prosecution, at any all all cost. With innocent lives considered collateral damage. Now for the first time ever. Historians will be able to use the last 26 years. And see what happened to everyone involved in this book. Where are they now. And a young man who committed suicide. When I tried to tell everyone. But they made me the villain, something you will see the pattern of what I call habitual offenders of filing false charges on their significant other. To gain full custody of any children.

I could go on and on. As Mayor of Denver. I will protect the Family. All Families, all situations. I just need your help to get me into the battle. Hell, I don't even have a high school diploma. The mission I was born to do. I did not need traditional education. To have the Wisdom to know better, and the Credibility, and Relevance to have me ask for your support. - Marcus Giavanni

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April 7, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!