Time to have representation for all of Senate District 42.

I have been a life long resident of Midwest City.  Like many of you, I have lamented the reality that my interests have not had representation in decades.  After witnessing the recent behavior of our legislators, I realized it was time to step up. 

My political compass is simply this.  Pragmatism.  Do what works.  Do what serves the greatest number of people.  I believe a rising tide lifts all boats.  In Oklahoma, rising tides have not been allowed for a decade, unless the benefit accrued to the top of the food chain.  I intend to change that.  It is time to stand up against the swamp of dollars that are ruining our elected officials.  

My entire career from accounting to information systems has been focused on fixing broken or inefficient organizations.  I have a true passion for helping organizations achieve their most profitable and efficient goals.  As I watched ideology dismantle our state governance by killing off revenue streams to benefit the top 5% in Oklahoma, like many of you I wondered how our state would survive.  Thoughtless ideology has reduced the revenues to fund state government to 20% less than our revenues in 2009.  80% of that revenue destruction went to the most wealthy in Oklahoma.  Add to that the lack of regulation on  destructive industries, the legislature has run up an enormous bill for the cleanup we will be left to pay.   Your children, thumbing through their crumbling textbooks, instructed by our insultingly underpaid teachers, will be paying that tab.  I intend to stop that bleak future.

I have a plan.  It is realistic and promotes prosperity in both urban and rural Oklahoma.  I will be talking to other like minded candidates about that plan to restore Oklahoma.  2018 is the year for Oklahomans to take back their government.  By the people and for all of the people.  I ask that you join me in that goal. 

Oklahoma can not afford one more year of legislative destruction.  You can make that happen.  Please contribute so the voters in Senate District 42 can finally get the representation they deserve.

Thank you

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May 31, 2018

A hectic week ...

What a learning experience running for office. So much to do. It starts at 7AM and more often than not you are still working at 9PM or later. There is simply that much to do to get your message out. Reaching out to 10's of thousands in is what is required to get the message out. It requires the printing of thousands of pieces of literature, yard signs, walk lists and more. Hours of fundraising calls and outreach. Having to take headshots (not my favorite part)! Your volunteerism is critical to our success. Your contributions help spread the word about a candidate.

In whatever way you can contribute, you can help restore balance to Oklahoma.

Volunteer, Donate, Spread the Word. It's up to you.


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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!