I seek to unite those who care about Eureka Springs no matter where they are, even in other states and countries. Eureka was known for its healing waters. This is a place of healing, acceptance, diversity, and exists in its own magical setting with people who love people. We have a community consciousness that draws people here, to feel and experience. Yet as a city we still have needs. Our water and sewer system need substantial repair. Our latest master city plan is over 21 years old and rarely ever mentioned, much less used to help us plan the future. We must come together and unite in a vision for a better future and articulate it, involving everyone in the process. 

My name is Theodore Cottingham and I seek your help to strategically prepare for deliberate growth, with Eureka becoming a world destination, a recognized center of art, music, education, the healing arts, commerce, and a model of transparent "can-do" "user-friendly" city government.

Our master city plan is 21 years old and ignored by present city leadership. There is no planning for growth, there is no vision, no focus. Our cloistered record keeping of the present city hall must give way to increased accessibility, usability, and transparency. I embrace eGovernment, open government, and creating a digital City Hall. I will operate strategically with the focus of people first, community first, education first. Without strengthening our community our tourism and economic base will dwindle. We must care for the needs of our own to be able to meet the needs and demands of strengthening our economic base. 

There is more information on my Facebook page "Theodore for Mayor". Thank you for your interest and helping emphasize the values of equality, diversity, and unity, in Eureka, as well as increasing accountability, responsiveness, and transparency in all aspects of municipal government. 

Your financial donations to help are very much appreciated. Thank you.

Theodore Cottingham


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April 12, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!