My name is Will McCutcheon, and I am running in 2018 as an Independent candidate for District 1 County Commissioner in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. The amount of support that the campaign has received since filing has been staggering. It is clear that most taxpayers in Cleveland County want their county government to change, and also want to know a lot about the candidate they choose for service. Here are my responses to the most common questions I receive:

Why run for District 1 Commissioner?

The most direct response to this question is, "because I was asked to". Close friends familiar with my background as a professional, volunteer, and former officer in the United States Army approached me with a request to consider running earlier this year. Like many individuals with experience in leading people and managing resources within large organizations, I knew what it likely took to succeed at the job, but was not yet familiar with the full scope of responsibilities that a County Commissioner holds. I soon realized that this was due in large part to a tradition of limited visibility promoted by incumbent Commissioners and generally accepted by citizens of the County. My goal is to change both so that the District 1 County Commissioner's office shows full transparency in all of its business on behalf of taxpayers. The strategy of maintaining a low profile and "flying below the radar" on all but a few pet projects will end, and be replaced with proactively looking for opportunities to communicate about all of our projects through media and active presence at local events.

Why Independent?

I am running as an Independent because this is how I am registered as a voter. It gives me the freedom to take positions based on character and integrity, rather than strict adherence to a party platform. My status as an Independent restricts financial donations and quid pro quo support by Republican and Democratic organizations. While this means that fundraising for the campaign will not be as easy as it might be for party candidates, this is outweighed by the freedom to make decisions without party influence or strings attached.  

I believe that 2018 is a pivotal year for Oklahomans. This is the time to realign our government and policies away from extremist, one-size-fits-few positions, and towards the sensible and visible government that the majority of actual taxpayers in Cleveland County District 1 expect. I greatly appreciate your time and ask for your vote in November. 


Will McCutcheon

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