I am a God-fearing man, a husband and a father of three daughters and a son. I was raised in Clayton County, GA and attended elementary thru high school in Clayton County. My children attend Clayton County public schools.  As a father, labor leader/activist and a blue-collar worker, I believe a quality public education is the key to success. I am a college graduate with a B.S. Degree in Technical Management (CIS) from DeVry University. I’m a Telecommunication Technician with AT&T, Vice President of CWA Local 3204 in Atlanta (the largest CWA Local in the Southeast), the Southern Regional Representative for the AFL/CIO YWAC and an Organizer.  

My parents taught the importance of hard work and self-sacrifice. In 2004, I left college to come home to help with our family business because my father was undergoing cancer treatment. He is now a survivor of cancer.  In 2006, while simultaneously taking 21 hours a semester and running our family’s business, I graduated from DeVry. 


I believe quality Healthcare is a human right.  The Affordable Health Care Act has been a blessing for millions without health insurance, but I feel it can be improved for those here in Georgia. The Governor decided not to expand Medicaid and Medicare, so Georgians are footing the bill. This has caused several hospitals to close. There is not a Level I, II, or III designated trauma center from Atlanta to Macon. I wish to change this by pushing for Medicaid and Medicare expansion. 


I believe having a livable wage is a human right. It takes a single mother of three to make an annual salary of $71,000 to have a livable wage just in Clayton County. Those searching for higher paying jobs are forced to go outside the county. This is adding more to the already strenuous Atlanta traffic. I care for the working people and feel that we should bring good paying jobs to the county as well as expand public transportation and promote practical public infrastructures for the future.  


We must protect DACA, these are our neighbors and friends. The current Immigration laws are forcing families apart. I do not believe that any parent should be forced to be separated from their children as many immigrates have been forced to do. We need to draw clear lines of separation between immigration enforcement and local and state law enforcement. I will vote to support any legislation to draw clear lines and support any legislation that will protect DACA.  


I believe in equality for all women. We are living in a society where women are paid .80 cents for every dollar a man earns. I want to live in a world where women are paid the same as men, where they are not being pushed out of the work place for birthing a child. Georgia needs to provide paid maternity leave. Georgia Unemployment compensation should be available for health-related unemployment that can be caused from pregnancy. 

This is why I am running in District 75 because we need a real Progressive Democrat to fight for these issues in the State House. I hope to have your support. 

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