I am a science educator with over a decade of experience in the Massachusetts public school system. I'm running for Massachusetts State Auditor to change the way oversight is conducted on Beacon Hill. The State Auditor is supposed to be a watchdog position for rooting out corruption and ensuring that taxpayer money is spent effectively and appropriately. But how can anyone do this job in an unbiased way if they are a member of the party that is creating the waste and misspending in the first place? 

We need an independent State Auditor who isn’t part of the system and is not corrupted by corporate interests.

Since writing to President Reagan for a peace deal with the Soviet Union as an elementary school student, I have been a strong advocate for world peace, human rights, and civil rights. I also have a physics and astronomy degree from Haverford College and a M.Ed. in urban STEM education from University of California, Berkeley. I have the experience and expertise necessary to recommend the changes needed for our schools to make learning interesting, enjoyable, and practical to the future economy.

Unlike other parties, Green-Rainbow candidates do not take money from lobbyists. We believe state government should support the best interests of the people, not those of big corporations. As an independent auditor, I will bring real ethics and values to the job every day!


Our campaign does not accept contributions from 1) registered lobbyists or 2) from officers and political action committees (PACS) of for-profit corporations that employ registered lobbyists.  

• We strongly oppose attempts to influence the election by independent expenditure organizations (such as "SuperPACS") which evade normal donation limits or keep their donors and expenditures secret until after the election.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!