For those who do not know me, my name is Aaron Aylward, I am originally from Arlington, South Dakota, and I currently live in Harrisburg, SD. I am a graduate of both Dakota State University and the University of South Dakota. I currently work as a recruiter/head hunter, and I have an outstanding wife, Callie, who is a school teacher in the Sioux Falls, School District. We have two awesome little boys, Jax, five, and Kade, four.

This may sound cliché, but the main reason I am running is that I truly care about the future generations that are coming up behind us. My two little boys are a part of that future, and I don’t want them, or any other person, living in a state with a government that continues to grow, continues to be paternalistic, and is beholden to the federal government.

I’ve been complaining about a lot of issues for the last few years, so during the 2016 election, I made the decision that I was going to get involved, run for office, and try to make a difference.

If elected, I’ll do my best to accomplish these three things…

#1 Focus on Local and State Power and decrease the amount of overbearing Federal Government - I want to help bring as much power back to the state of South Dakota as possible, and from there, as much power back to the local level, within the communities of South Dakota. Every individual knows what's best for their own life. The people of South Dakota know what’s best for themselves, and no one out in Washington D.C. should be mandating or telling them what to do. 

#2 Efficiency and Transparency – As we’ve recently seen with our exploding state budget, and the EB-5 and GEAR UP scandals, South Dakota has taken a turn for the worse, and needs some help in these areas. I believe by cutting back government, we can be less wasteful, use the peoples’ hard-earned tax dollars more wisely, and we can also increase transparency. If we are to continue to grow government, we only increase the chance of making state government less transparent, and less competent.

#3 All Civil Liberties for all South Dakotans – I am a firm believer in tolerance (let people live their lives as long as they aren’t pushing their beliefs and practices on you), and the idea that you shouldn’t physically hurt someone, and no individual, no matter what organization or group they’re with, should steal from any other person. To put it simply, don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff. If someone is living their life the way they see fit, and they’re not harming others, why should that person be hindered by law? Whether someone chooses to have a certain dog, vehicle, house, plant, drink, or means of self-defense, as long as they are not causing harm to others, they should be left alone. We should not legislate on hypotheticals and what-ifs. All individuals should be allowed to pursue their definition of happiness!

To sum up my principles, I stand for...

  • Peace
  • Tolerance
  • Individualism
  • Free Markets
  • Limited Government

With that being said, I thank you for your consideration and support!

Aaron Aylward

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