We live with a government that has become complicated to the point of oppression. One where the average person is held accountable to an uncountable number of laws, codes and regulations. We are told that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but how can we be anything but ignorant? The rich and powerful can hide in the complexities but we can’t. So, most of us rely on the basics - don’t steal, don’t commit fraud and don’t hurt your fellow human beings. Sadly, our government and the political parties that control it, do not seem to live by those same principles.  

As a Libertarian here is what I pledge.

• I will not promote a false utopia; I will not offer simple solutions to complex issues. • I will promote openness and accountability in all levels of government, from the bureaucracy to the local police (including those who are lucky enough to serve under the people’s dome). • I will listen and have complex and difficult conversations; I will ask different questions. • I will treat the taxpayer’s money with respect. • I will listen to average people, not narrow special interests.  

The political class has lost touch with the realities of the people they are supposed to serve. They serve their own interests and the desires of the politically connected. If we want change, we must be brave enough to vote for people and parties who are committed to individuals. We must have the courage to vote differently. 

James Just Libertarian write-in candidate

California Assembly District 7

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!