Aidan Hill (they/them) is a 25 year-old green activist running to be the first legally Non-Binary Public Office Holder in US History, representing UC Berkeley. A Native Californian, Aidan is building the New Free Speech Movement to Save People’s Park, provide Public Housing, Food Assistance and Police Reform with the support of disabled, black,indigenous, and LGBTQ+ students at Berkeley. Aidan believes individuals, especially students, have the tools to become policy makers and redesign their societies for everyone. An advocate for eco-socialism, Aidan calls for their communities to invest in their campaign stating, “We can build from the foundation of the oppressors without wearing their chains.” 

At 25 years old, Aidan is running to be the youngest city council member in Berkeley history. Unbought, Unbossed, and Unbothered, Aidan graduated with a degree from Riverside City College in Communications Studies with Distinction. With California’s recent passage of SB 179 which allows a “Non-Binary” gender marker X as legal by law, Aidan hopes womxn, femmes, and the entire LGBTQIAPK+ community supports them to taking a serious stand for gender equity in the United States. Bold, Pragmatic, and Future focused, Aidan is a leader that demands a restructuring of our institutions and brings ideas to ensure safety, wellness, and opportunities for all Berkeley Residents. “We have the unique opportunity to build an equitable community. We are living unsustainably and the time to change is now” argues Aidan. “Young people have both the means and capacity to radically change this world.” 

With President Trump publicly threatening a reduction of federal funding to UC Berkeley and Congressmembers publicly declaring the Mayor Libby Schaaf Act to place elected officials in jeopardy if they disrupt ICE raids, it is essential that our leadership take the threats posed against Berkeley seriously. Aidan recognizes the difficulty for poor or at-risk individuals to speak out and leverages their platform in the name of Free Speech. “Fiat Lux!” Says Aidan, citing the Berkeley motto of “let there be light.” 

Aidan is a revolutionary political activist and rejects oppressive ways to navigate the world. This campaign blends art with politics in order to change the political landscape and how candidates move forward with new technologies. “This campaign is less about me and more about us” argues Aidan, fully aware that they are just one person with a keyboard. “This campaign is for a new generation of people with new capabilities to seize the political landscape from those who knowingly bring us harm...We can build from the foundation of the oppressors without wearing their chains.”

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November 14, 2018

Thank You - While we wait...

firstly I want to say thank you for supporting this campaign! I want to assure you that every dollar you spent went to making sure the community is safer. With your help we have set the tone for Gender Equity for businesses in the Bay Area including the discussion of paid family leave and ensuring third gender restrooms as well as tackled police reform in the Bay Area. 

We have promoted a position paper encouraging the city couccil to support a Police Reform madmen to he city charter on the ballot. Likewise we have partnered with numerous organizations including Suitcase Clinic, Food Not Bombs, and the People’s Park Committee as well as Youth Spirit Artworks to discuss Tiny Homes, the need for Open Space, Healthcare as a Human Right as well as public housing options for migrants in the city. 

The work, however isn’t over yet! We are sitting comfortably at 10% of the 2k or so early ballots that were casted. According to Berkeleyside, there are “many more” waiting to be counted. The absolute deadline is December 7th 2018!

Please bear with me during this time. And please check your mailboxes within the next few weeks to receive a token of my appreciation for your contribution. You have helped inspire and motivate thousands of students to define their own future. In the name of democracy and the name of free speech, the time is now for us to unite!

- Aidan Hill

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!