Organizations of color, environmental groups, health advocates, faith institutions and other partners are organizing to put the Portland Clean Energy Fund initiative on the November 2018 ballot in the City of Portland, Oregon. If passed, the initiative generates $30 million annually for local clean energy and job training projects. We need your help to fund our signature gathering campaign.

Our goal is to collect 45,000 signatures by July 6, 2018.  

Who We Are: The First Frontline Community-Led Climate Measure in Oregon. 

The Portland Clean Energy Fund is a story about creating our own clean energy future, where new energy investments improve our homes, improve our environment, train our workers, and support our businesses. We are lifting up a community-led vision that builds resilience and wealth in the face of climate change.

Our leaders are groups who advocate and organize with low-income people and people of color, representing communities who are on the frontlines of climate change but have been excluded from the emerging low-carbon economy: Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, Coalition of Communities of Color, NAACP Portland Branch 1120, Native American Youth & Family Center, and Verde. They have been joined by groups from Portland’s historic environmental movement: 350PDX, Audubon Society of Portland, Columbia Riverkeeper, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Sierra Club-Oregon Chapter. And we’re growing every day -- our campaign has been joined by over 150 organizational and individual endorsers, including elected officials and labor, environmental, affordable housing and faith organizations.

What We’re Doing: Climate Justice Solutions + Corporate Responsibility.

Portland Clean Energy Fund will provide $30 million annually in new funding for nonprofit-led energy efficiency, renewable energy, job training, contractor training and green infrastructure projects -- all with a fundamental commitment to deeply engaging and benefiting low-income people and people of color. We generate these funds via a new, 1% revenue surcharge on retail corporations with over a billion in national sales and over $500,000 in local sales. These major corporations can and should pay their fair share because they have obstructed solutions to climate change for decades, and few account for the carbon footprint of their supply chains. Please click here to read the title, summary and full text of the initiative.

What’s Happening Now: We’re Going to Win, and You Can Help Us

Portland voters are hungry for climate justice solutions in the face of inaction and backsliding by the Trump Administration and Scott Pruitt’s EPA. If we get on the ballot, we can win -- our most recent polling (fall 2017) shows strong support for the Initiative: 82% would vote yes, including 66% who would strongly vote yes.

But we need your help to get there, your contributions will support our signature gathering campaign.  

We have secured over $75,000 toward our $133,300 signature gathering budget, with contributions from groups like the NW Health Foundation, Sierra Club, our steering committee member organizations and grassroots donors. We have lifted up this crowdfund to help close our funding gap.

You can be a part of this historic campaign by donating today. 

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