Rosita Ortiz, a 75-year-old Puerto Rican grandmother, worries she's not doing enough to prepare for Florida's hurricane season. One of the hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans displaced from their home there and brought to the Sunshine State in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, being ready for the next storm is — for good reason — at the top of Ortiz's mind.

But Ortiz recently told the Orlando Sentinel she can't focus on that, because of another man-made storm that’s threatening her and her family. Since last year, Ortiz and hundreds of Puerto Ricans who lost everything after Maria have been temporarily housed in motels along Central Florida, denied real aid that could help them move forward with their lives. Now the callousness of President Donald Trump, Governor Rick Scott, alongside the GOP Congress and state legislature, is threatening to cut off what little aid has been provided, and make her homeless by June 30.

Democrats have been fighting for Ortiz, for the over 200,000 Puerto Ricans who came to Florida after last year’s devastating hurricanes, and for the nearly 700,000 who were here before that. And we know the best way to do that is to empower the Puerto Rican community to demand its rights— and vote out those Republicans in power who would stand in their way.

To make sure this large bloc of Americans gets to exercise their power at the polls, the Florida Democratic Party is looking to put boots on the ground to identify people who have recently arrived to Florida from Puerto Rico, educate them, and empower them as voters.

We can secure these funds to reach out to new arrivals only with your help. Will you support this initiative?

We need to come together to lift the displaced Puerto Rican community and empower them to elect Democrats who will be a voice for the voiceless. You can support our voter registration efforts by contributing to our technology and outreach fund.

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