The Native Alliance Against Violence (NAAV) is a nonprofit organization and tribal coalition that serves Oklahoma's 24 tribal domestic violence (DV) and sexual assault (SA) programs.  Each of these programs vary in size and all have advocates that provide services to tribal communities.

The NAAV would like to invite these tribal advocates to an evening event that will include a meal and entertainment, however, our grant funding does not cover this. With any donations received, the NAAV will be able to provide a complete dinner, purchase appreciation gifts, and schedule entertainment during the dinner. This event will show the tribal advocates they are not alone while working difficult cases and provide them with a night of relaxation and support recognizing all the unique and amazing work they are providing for the Native American communities.

Some of the duties of the tribal advocates are:

·        To respond to victims of sexual assault and their families to minimize the impact of victimization

·        Appear in court with the victim

·        Answer their tribe's crisis hotlines

·        Provide support groups, peer counseling or culturally appropriate services

·        Safety planning, referrals, transportation and case management

·        Provide any direct services required to help people affected by dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, or stalking

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!