I’m on a crusade to terminate gerrymandering, and I’m raising money for four different state initiatives to take the power from the politicians and give it back to the people. 

Chip in to our campaign now.

Do it because you want to protect our democracy and terminate the 200-year-old scam state-by-state.

Do it to let the politicians know who is in charge.

We've identified four citizen-powered movements in Missouri, Michigan, Colorado, and Utah that need our help to terminate gerrymandering in their states. With each state that takes action, our movement grows stronger and more likely to succeed at the national level.

Let's roll up our sleeves and terminate gerrymandering once and for all,

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Michigan – Voters Not Politicians

Voters Not Politicians is a grassroots group seeking to end gerrymandering in Michigan by supporting a constitutional amendment that requires districts are drawn by an independent citizens redistricting commission that is fair, impartial, and transparent.

Missouri – Clean Missouri

Clean Missouri wants to "ensure that neither political party is given an unfair advantage when new maps are drawn after the next census by asking a nonpartisan expert to draw fair legislative district maps, which would then be reviewed by a citizen commission."

Colorado – Fair Maps Colorado

Fair Maps Colorado is backing referred measures that would prohibit gerrymandering and create fair and competitive congressional and legislative districts. They will make Colorado a national model for putting effective representation of voters at the forefront of redistricting efforts.

Utah – Better Boundaries

Better Boundaries has collected the signatures to put an initiative on this November's ballot creating an independent redistricting commission following the 2020 census. They believe, as Former Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker puts it, that "politicians should not be choosing their voters."

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    “Democracy has to win. Brexit showed that given the right motive the people will vote for freedom, and against centralisation. I wish you all well in the USA. Per Ardua!”

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    “Thank you for taking a stand! And thank you for being a real hero.”

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    “I endors to meet Arnold in Budapest on the Terminator set to Terminate Gerrymandering”

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    “Gerrymandering needs to stop. Gerrymandering prevents the true opinions and values to be heard over the needs and desires of a select few. I support Arnold in this cause to fight for everyone's voice to count fairly and equally.”

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    “It’s time voters were in charge of politics, not the politicians”

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    “manipulation the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class has to stop. I'm with you Arnold.”

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    “Hasta La Vista , Gerrymandering ! !”

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    “I endorse terminating gerrymandering and love your idea for this campaign Arnold! And, of course, it would be amazing to be able to join you in Budapest!”

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    “Arnold, I support you and hope to see you in Budapest!”

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    “To remove an apparatus that allows hyper partisan individuals to become elected and continually win re-election”

January 2, 2019

Join us for the Fair Maps Incubator

On January 10, I'm hosting a Fair Maps Incubator at the USC Schwarzenegger Institute, to bring together reformers who succeeded in Michigan, Missouri, Colorado and Utah this year with reformers who hope to terminate gerrymandering in their states.

After the 2018 election, 1/3 of congressional districts will be drawn by commission. The Incubator's goal is to keep our momentum and expand that number before the next maps are drawn after the 2020 census.

Sign up below.

October 18, 2018

And the winner is …

Friends --

Thank you for helping save our democracy by supporting my crusade to terminate gerrymandering.

Gerrymandering takes the power away from voters and manipulates electoral districts to benefit one party over another, and ending its devastating effects is a non-partisan issue that we can all get behind.

I’ve been heartened by all of your support, but unfortunately, only one person could win the opportunity to meet me in Budapest.

Congratulations to Michael K. from New Jersey for being that person.

Thank you again for contributing to, tweeting about, or supporting our campaign. Because of you, we’re able to support four citizen-powered groups working to end gerrymandering at the state level.

Our mission doesn’t end here. You can continue to support fairer voting policies and contribute to my campaign to #TerminateGerrymandering through Crowdpac.

Hasta la vista,


September 6, 2018

Win the chance to terminate gerrymandering with Arnold on the set of the Terminator!

Friends –

Thanks for being on our team to Terminate Gerrymandering. To sweeten the deal, and have some fun, we announced a new, fun opportunity today: YOU could have the chance to meet ME in Budapest!

That’s right - I’m going to fly one lucky supporter to Budapest to hang out with me on the set of Terminator so you can literally terminate gerrymandering with me, as the Terminator.

We’ll have dinner, explore the set and discuss our plans to put power back in the hands of the people.

So chip in to our campaign now to join the fight for fairer districts. Do it to protect our democracy. Or just do it to increase your odds of winning a chance to meet me.

Imagine it: me and you, fighting to defend our democracy and put an end to gerrymandering once and for all.

Good luck!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

August 1, 2018

Michigan Supreme Court ruled - reform is on the ballot!

Today the Michigan Supreme Court ruled 4-3 to allow the Voters Not Politician initiative onto the ballot. Senator Carl Levin and I had submitted a brief to the court. This is absolutely fantastic news, and I am proud of the justices who picked the voters over the politicians.

I am going to have some really exciting updates for you guys soon, but let's share this campaign with our friends and pump up the donations in the meantime. Let's start small - 4 dollars, so that each initiative gets 1. Give up your coffee today to terminate gerrymandering. Get your friends to join you.

We will win,


Campaign created!

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