From an early age, public service has been a part of Jocelyn Yow’s life and a source of growth and inspiration. Growing up in a working-class immigrant family, her parents emphasized the importance of community service and took her along to Lions’ Club events. Jocelyn also joined the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) program, where she continued to serve her community.

In 2011, Jocelyn’s family moved to the Inland Empire and settled in Eastvale, where she quickly found a home. After enrolling at Norco College, she became involved in advocacy, especially for students from disadvantaged communities. She continued that work by representing her peers at large as student body president and in the Student Senate of the California Community Colleges. With home close to her heart, she transferred to the University of California, Berkeley. She got involved in the city as a commissioner, where she examined human trafficking issues and sexual assault on high school campuses.  

Jocelyn wanted to continue serving the community and its residents upon graduating from the University of California, Berkeley. As a district representative for California State Senate and an aide for the United States House of Representatives, she has worked tirelessly to help senior and families access valuable government services, such as retrieving back payments from Social Security, as they navigate the complexities of our government. She has also provided support to small businesses and nonprofit organizations by assisting them in obtaining additional federal grants. She has been an advocate for family unity; she has helped reunite families and assisted youth from all backgrounds in continuing their pursuit of education.

No matter where life took her, she has always known that Eastvale is where she wants to live and raise her family.

“I am proud to call Eastvale my home ever since my family moved here nearly a decade ago. We are a city on the rise, and the city has an opportunity to grow and provide more for its residents. Serving on Eastvale City Council will allow me to advocate for this city and provide it with the tools to create a strong family-oriented community. The city is in need of its own distinct economic engine rooted in local small businesses; amenities and facilities such as a library for youth; job-training partnerships with our community colleges; and adequate funding for law enforcement and public safety activities. It would be an honor to have your support on November 6 for a more prosperous future for residents and businesses of Eastvale."

FPPC ID # 1406608

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June 5, 2018

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