My name is David Wilson Brown and I am running for Congress.  The morning after the 2016 election, I awoke to an unsure future.  One thing I do know is for years Representative Patrick McHenry has been sitting in Washington failing to invest in our communities and ignoring the suffering of our people.  It was in the days after the election that I knew I had to do something. I had to run for office. I am committed to fighting for you  because I believe we all deserve a future that lives up to the promise of the American dream.

I work as an IT consultant in McAdenville where I live with my wife, Barbara, and our two children.  I have lived in North Carolina for over thirty years, graduating from South Mecklenburg High School. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communications from Appalachian State University.  It was while attending Appalachian State that I became interested in politics and worked as an intern for Congresswoman, Sue Myrick, a Republican from District 9.  This experience taught me that people who don’t agree politically can find common ground if they try. Today, leaders in Washington fight each other more than looking for solutions to the problems our communities face.  I am committed to putting our families and communities first.

I will fight to improve the quality of life for our working families and ensure a bright future for our children. Here are a few of the issues I will push for as District 10's next representative:  

  • Living Wage.  Too many people work full-time yet still struggle just to pay their bills.  We owe it to our citizens that they are paid a living wage for their hard work.

  • Health Care.  I will fight to ensure that every American receives quality healthcare. No person should ever have to make a healthcare choice about a loved one or themselves based on a monetary concern, nor should those choices bankrupt them.  

  • Public Education.  I am committed to investing in public education so that every child has a quality education.  We must provide debt-free college education for our young adults so they will have the tools they need to succeed.

This campaign is about reforming our current system from the inside out to create an America’s future that works for all of us.

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June 7, 2018

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!