We’ve all heard how important this year’s elections are. Millennials are the largest and most diverse generation, and this year they’ll make up the largest bloc of eligible voters. And across the country, America’s youth are making history: standing up and fighting back against the politicians that refuse to listen to them.

Young voters could decide the 2018 elections. If they actually vote.

But there’s another problem: not every 18+ year old has a driver’s license. Politicians know this, and they’ve done everything they can to pass extremely restrictive voting laws in the past decade. By making it even harder to register to vote, they’re effectively silencing youth voices in dozens of states.

Like in Texas, where 300,000 people turn 18 every year. In the state with the 3rd lowest median age in the country, you can’t vote with a student ID. You can vote with a gun license–but not with a student ID.

Or in Georgia, where costly Driver's Education course requirements create a huge burden for low-income families, leaving many teens without an ID.

And in Tennessee, where 13.6% of 18 and 19 year olds lack a proper driver’s license.

Not to mention the fact that high schoolers don’t just need IDs to vote. A government-issued photo ID matters 365 days a year, including Election Day. An ID is necessary to get medical care, apply for jobs, apply for housing, and so much more. High schoolers need proper IDs for more than voting – they need them to thrive as they transition into adulthood. 

That’s where you come in.

Spread the Vote is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that not only provides information to potential voters on voter ID requirements in their district, it is the only organization in the country that pays 100% of the costs and obtains all the documents to get IDs for eligible voters. We’ve helped countless individuals overcome the numerous obstacles to getting an ID–from lack of transportation to money to inadequate documentation.

Now, we’re helping high school graduates in Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas get the IDs they need to vote for the first time in November. You can help to give these students a voice at the polls by supporting our effort to #TeenTheVote.

The money donated to this campaign will go to cover the costs of getting government-issued IDs so that 18+ year olds can vote for the first time this year – and so they can be prepared to live their best lives after high school.

-- Kat Calvin

Founder, Spread the Vote

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    “A state ID should be FREE!! Especially to ALL eligible VOTERS!!!! It is outrageous that any state in this country is creating laws that make obtaining an ID SO DIFFICULT, that 18-yr. olds in several states will not be allowed to VOTE!! These same states have also SHUT DOWN local DMVs so that the poorest townspeople canNOT travel to get an ID!!!! This is government-endorsed VOTER OBSTRUCTION!!”

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    “I would like to help students get the IDs. I live in Fort Worth TX. Let me know when.”

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    “I now support Crowdpac instead of the Democratic Party! I'm interested in seeing young people with new ideas enter government, not tired Democrats who are in rich pockets.”

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    “Let's get more people engaged in our democracy.”

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    “I support #TeenTheVote, helping teens get the IDs they need to vote, because income should never be a barrier to voting.”

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